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Everything you need to know about gamification in Canada

Everything you need to know about gamification in Canada -

Gamification is all about engaging people to use your product or service. In this blog, you will find everything there is to know about gamification in Canada.

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What is gamification in Canada?

Gamification in Canada is the use of game elements in non-game contexts to engage users and solve problems. Gamification in Canada can be used to encourage specific behaviors, or it can be used to make something more fun. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve with your gamified product or service.

Gamification can be used in a lot of sectors:

Gamification in social media

Gamification in blockchain and NFT

Gamification in e-learning and education

Gamification in HR

Gamification in call centers

Gamification in finance and banking

Gamification in SaaS


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The gamification business

Gamification is a growing industry that’s not just a phenomenon in the US but also growing in Canada and the UK. The gamification business model is one of the fastest-growing industries today!

What are the benefits of gamification in Canada?

There is a huge advantage to gamification in Canada:

Better employee satisfaction:

One of the primary benefits of gamification in Canada is that it can help create a more engaged workforce. Companies that use gamification techniques have found that their employees are happier and more motivated, which has led to higher levels of employee satisfaction. Employee satisfaction is a key factor in employee retention: if your company offers its employees positive working conditions and opportunities for growth, they’re going to be much less likely to leave you in search of greener pastures. And while some people may think that this type of engagement will make workers less productive, studies have shown that employers who use gamification end up with higher productivity levels overall than other companies without this kind of employee motivation strategy.

Moreover, gamification in Canada can also have positive effects on your company culture which means you’ll have happier customers too! By creating systems where people feel like they belong and are valued members of the team (even if they don’t work together directly), you’re giving them an incentive not only to stay at your organization but also to recommend it as well!

Better engagement with students and citizens:

Gamification in Canada offers a way to engage them both, making their lives more fun and rewarding.

Students who have fun in school are less likely to skip class or drop out altogether because they feel like it’s more of an experience than just another day at school.

Citizens who have fun in their community are more likely to vote and volunteer because they feel connected to the people around them and want to make things better for everyone involved.

Employees who have fun at work will be happier and more productive because they don’t dread going into the office every day; instead, they look forward to coming into contact with colleagues who share similar interests and goals as themselves!

Ease of implementation:

One of the most appealing benefits that gamification in Canada offers is its ease of implementation. It doesn’t require a Ph.D. in psychology or a team of experts, nor does it require a large budget or years before you see any results. You don’t even have to worry about failure because no one will be able to tell that you’re using gamification at all!

Increased productivity:

Gamification in Canada can help increase productivity by providing a fun and engaging way to engage workers in their work. Gamification is especially useful when it comes to specific tasks that require attention and accuracy, like completing customer service calls or entering data into spreadsheets. In these cases, gamification can be used as an incentive to get employees engaged in their work and boost performance levels.

Gamification in Canada can also be beneficial for general tasks such as updating company policies or taking attendance at meetings. These types of activities are not particularly challenging but they still need to get done regularly, which means that they should be made as easy as possible for employees so they don’t become a drain on employee time (or worse: cause them to procrastinate).

What tools are used for gamification in Canada?

1) Badges:

Badges are a visual representation of a user’s accomplishments and can be awarded to users or groups of users. Badges are often used as rewards in gamification systems and tend to have more meaning than other types of virtual items because they represent real-life accomplishments rather than just being online trophies given out by an application or website.

2) Levels 

Leveling up is a great way to show progress. Levels are often used in video games to show mastery over a subject or by completing tasks or missions. For example, Candy Crush uses this mechanic as you progress through the game, and level up when you complete puzzles.

3) Leaderboard 

A leaderboard shows users how they are doing compared to other users. You can see this in many different applications and programs including Fitbit, Square Enix games, email systems such as Yahoo Mail, and online educational platforms such as Coursera. Leaderboards are often visualized as a graph or table, but can also be displayed as a list of names or scores.

Leaderboards are used everywhere from fitness trackers like Fitbit to social media websites such as Instagram or Twitter (where you can see who has the most followers).

4) Points 

Points are awarded to users as they complete tasks or missions, and can be traded for virtual rewards. For example, an app called Belly gives users points for checking into stores and restaurants that can be traded for discounts at those establishments.

5) Onboarding gamification 

LinkedIn’s onboarding gamification tool is a great example of how to use onboarding gamification. It’s an interactive game that rewards users for filling out their profile within 7 days of signing up. LinkedIn even gives hints as to which sections you should focus on first!

Onboarding gamification is different from traditional onboarding because it encourages users to complete the task in question by rewarding them with points, badges, etc. This makes it more engaging than simply reading instructions or being told what actions you need to take next.

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