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How to Increase Bettors Engagement with Gamification?

How to Increase Bettors Engagement with Gamification? - Smartico

If you are reading this, chances are, you want to know how to increase bettors engagement with gamification? If yes, then allow us to be the first to congratulate you.

The fact that you’ve come to explore the power of gamification is great news for your organization, and that’s why we’ll like to be the first to congratulate you.

The world is not like it was many years ago. There are thousands of start-ups and big companies to compete with for customers.

So, how do you keep them engaged, and active in your websites and services? By utilizing the power of CRM and AI. That’s the secret.

So, back to the subject, ‘How to increase bettors engagement with gamification, we’ll find out shortly. But first, let’s give a little introduction to gamification

What is Gamification and How does it Work?

We don’t want to complicate things with sophisticated tech terms, so permit us to keep it simple.

Gamification ensures or motivates people to engage in a task by introducing fun and games to that task.

The definition might be simple but yet most platforms that offer gamification services get the workings wrong.

The goal of gamification isn’t always to create in-app games for users, but rather, it’s about using techniques to make a task fun, thereby making the experience seamless and purposeful.

This is why it’s best to trust an expert organization like Smartico to gamify your service.

How to Increase Bettors Engagement with Gamification

So, how does gamification relates to sports bet, and how can it boost engagement?

Some of the ways are as follows:

  • Introducing Tools to make Bettors Feel Part of a Community:

Before the emergence of social media and social connectivity, the internet was less exciting. Humans love to fellowship with one another, and introducing a community in your service would increase usage and engagement among bettors.

Tools like leagues, achievements, and tournaments make this possible.

Operators can then take advantage of bettors engagement to introduce other products.

  • Introducing Rewards:

Bettors can be asked to take part in a spinning wheel for a chance to win rewards. Not only can this incentivize regular play but also enable bettors to discover other games, and products.

  • Introducing Casino Games, Table Games, and more:

Bettors visit betting sites to place bets, and when those bets are placed, they have to log out of the site and wait a long period for the conclusion of the match. Adding up games and tasks would increase their interaction with the site. Now, they can do other things as well as wait for the conclusion of their wager.


If you are wondering how to increase bettors engagement with gamification, then Smartico is the go-to.  We create unique and personalized AI-powered solutions to maximize growth and revenue for your site.

Whether it’s a Casino, Fintech, Sports Betting, and Retail Company, Smartico have gamification capabilities to increase engagement and user loyalty to your organization.

Smartico Services

Smartico services include:

A complete gamification tool, Loyalty Wheel, Tournaments, Marketplace, Real-Time Marketing, Sports Automation, Data studio, and Affiliate System

Why Smartico?

Why Smartico? It’s easy. The answer is expertise, experience, and a proven track record from customers and clients.

Do you want to know more about Smartico?

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