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Gamification in HR - Recruitment Games

Gamification in HR - Recruitment games - Smartico

When it comes to improving the effectiveness of your recruitment and onboarding processes, there are several approaches you could try. Gamification is one of the most powerful techniques you can use to that effect. In this article, we will explain why and suggest some practical ways to gamify recruitment.

The benefits of building gamification into recruitment

1. Improve Your Candidate Experience

Traditionally, recruitment was exclusively evaluated from the employer’s perspective by looking at its efficiency and cost-effectiveness. However, the labor market has been profoundly transformed by technology and the expectations of new generations, which means employers must approach recruitment with a wider perspective.

This entails providing an attractive candidate experience, which can help create a strong first impression. This is important considering a survey that found that 65% of candidates lose interest in an offer if the interview experience isn’t satisfactory.

2. Attract top talent in your industry

Gamifying your recruitment strategy can make the best candidates more likely to accept your offer instead of going to work for a competitor. If you do this consistently, you will build a reputation as a business with a strong talent brand and will naturally attract top talent in your industry sector.

Not only that but having a solid company brand can also help position your business at the top, attracting industry awards and mentions that will boost your reputation even further.

3. Better candidate assessment

A gamified recruitment strategy makes it easier for HR staff to assess important behaviors that wouldn’t be noticeable in a traditional interview. Gamification entails an element of surprise, so it’s harder for candidates to memorize answers that don’t fully reflect who they are and how they will perform on the job.

Recruitment games for a better recruitment process

– CVs can only tell you so much about a candidate. How about getting them to register for an escape room experience with HR staff?

– Instead of using formal skills or knowledge tests, get candidates to work on virtual challenges or quizzes.

– Design realistic scenarios candidates are likely to encounter on the job and assess them in teams, creating a leaderboard or another type of rewards system.

– If the role involves IT or tech, set up a hackathon as the first point of screening.

– If your budget allows it, create an online game or app where candidates take on the role they’re applying for and move through different tasks.

Technology can help you harness the power of gamification and smoothly apply it to HR. At Smartico we specialize in creating and setting up software solutions that help companies successfully gamify the onboarding process and their hiring operations.

Our solutions feature bespoke recruitment journeys that provide an outstanding candidate experience while ensuring the hiring and onboarding processes are aligned with your company’s needs.

Now is a good time to incorporate games into your hiring process for better candidate sourcing and screening. With Smartico, now is the time to solidify your recruitment strategy. 


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