CRM Automation & Gamification Platform

There’s no better way to connect with your customers!

Realtime CRM and Loyalty Suite

Inject intelligence into your CRM with Smartico’s
personalised marketing and loyalty solution.
Boost engagement. Maximize customer value. Built especially to serve iGaming Industry.

Personalized Journeys

Each customer is unique. Our AI-powered solution is built with this knowledge in mind and creates real-time, personalised journeys based on triggers such as incomplete registration, new odds and game launches.


Our loyalty solution utilizes challenges and gaming techniques to motivate players toward consistent participation and long term engagement.

Real-Time Marketing

Smartico’s AI-powered marketing works in real-time to establish user trends and utilise this for an optimal player experience. Based on user insights, the marketing module makes automatic changes to boost player value, enhance engagement and drive user acquisition. This all happens behind the scenes, so you can sit back, relax and let the tech do the rest.

Supercharge your CRM

Could your CRM or marketing be more effective? Then we’ve got the solution! Powered by advanced technologies, Smartico has the ability to enrich existing systems in your organisation, supercharging your CRM & marketing operations, and digitalizing your business using automation.

The result? Lower operational costs of human resources and fewer human errors.

Maximize your growth and revenue
with powerful Marketing & Gamification capabilities


Boost revenues with increased engagement by leveraging customer’s natural desires for socializing, competing and collecting rewards.


Create personalised journeys in real time triggered by events, driving your customers to play more and stay online longer.

Add Value

Increase lifetime value and drive player retention with our smart AI-powered engine that delivers a complete multi-channel marketing solution.

Build Loyalty

Identify and understand what motivates player segments, deliver the most effective messaging and drive loyalty across all your marketing.

Make a Quick Start! Smartico easily integrates with your existing data sources in just a matter of days.

Security Guaranteed

We don’t hold your customers personal data.
We don't need it!

Smartico’s use of a data guard means we have no access to your customers’ personal data. We work solely on non-personalised data, that’s one less headache for you.

Who needs SMARTICO?


Increase gameplay, boost engagement and loyalty and drive LTVs


Allow real-time marketing to sync with your customers and the markets

Sports Betting

Maximize conversion and retention with our winning CRM solution


Gamification increases time on site, returning customers and upselling opportunities

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