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How to motivate your work team and affiliates with gamification?

How to motivate your work team and affiliates with gamification? - Smartico

Gamification is the use of gaming techniques at the workplace or in the working environment. There are a lot of businesses that create internal competitions among their employees and affiliates so that they can be involved in a healthy activity and divert from daunting work routines. Not only that, but companies also integrate scores, awards, levels, etc., to enhance the level of engagement among employees in the gamification process. According to research studies, about 85% of the workforce that undertook gamification training have indicated that they feel more motivated. Contrary to that, approximately 60% of non-gamified trained workers felt dull and unproductive during their work.

Is gamification a new mechanism?

The gamification concept is not the newest in the company as a few years ago, Google used riddles for the purposes of appealing to curious and skilled candidates for various job roles. Similarly, SAP also used a specific application for its sales representatives to engage in gamification activities and achieve badges as they advance.

How does gamification motivate the affiliates and your team?

For the purpose of training, gamification is not essentially a way to introduce fun and learning within their corporate culture. In fact, the main purpose is to inspire the workers and improve their level of satisfaction with their prospective job roles.

There are various ways in which gamification motivates the workforce, some of them are as under:

Improved emotional engagement:

It goes without a saying that your employees are not robots and therefore, in order to stay focused and dedicated, gamification could do wonders. With the help of gamification, not only your top performers’ confidence can be further boosted but the least productive workers can also be motivated in a certain way to do their best.

The reward-oriented approach drives the success

When a company associates the gamification approach with awards, it turns out to be a positive habit for the workforce. Not only that, but companies also integrate rewards along with a performance in such a way that the employees do not feel burdened while being at work. This is how the gamification model adds to the productivity of the businesses as a whole.


Gamification brings about fun and excitement

Your employees will soon get bored of the competitive environment and even the continuous collection of points or bonuses. Gamification, therefore, involves a sustainable source of entertainment with the range of challenges it offers. Thus, the workplace would prove to be a fun space without a doubt.

Gamification and Smartico:

Here at Smartico, we have launched top-notch and leading gamification software that uses a range of gaming techniques and challenges. Our latest model of gamification processes consistent gameplay and promotes a sense of relief, long-term engagement, and satisfaction among the team while gradually improving their yield.


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