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Customer Retention Strategies for eCommerce

Updated on October 10, 2022
Customer retention strategies for eCommerce - Smartico

Targeting and acquiring the right customers for their business is the core of most successful service companies. The aim is to build relationships and develop customer loyalty that will translate into future growth for the business.

We often think of loyalty as being faithful to an individual, a cause, or a country. However, the wheel of loyalty in e-commerce describes how building a foundation for loyalty develops customer bonds and reduces “churn .” When clients are happy to patronize a company over a lengthy period, you will see increased revenue and improved employee satisfaction. But customers won’t automatically stay loyal to just one firm. Instead, businesses need to create value and give them reasons to continue buying from them and stick with them.

There are several customer loyalty strategies for companies to develop closer bonds with their customers, including:

  • Cross-selling and bundling
  • Creating loyalty rewards with gamification
  • Building social, customized, and structural bonds

Gamification – a fun way to build customer loyalty

At Smartico, we know that gamification techniques are an easy, effective way of building customer loyalty. They tap into the human drive to compete and strive to improve. Here are some of our top gamification strategies to boost customer loyalty and grow your business.

The Loyalty Wheel

The Smartico Loyalty Wheel is an attractive, entertaining gamification element that is an effective way to increase curiosity and interest in your business. Everyone needs a little fun to brighten their day, and users will be encouraged to try their luck repeatedly. This product is a fine example of gamification in business that is very engaging – and rewarding.

Scratch & Catch

Who can resist a scratch card? It’s one of those small pleasures that lifts your spirits. Our Scratch & Catch mini-game can be used as a reward system within the buyer journey or as part of a registration campaign. And you can customize the cards, so they are sure to appeal to your customers.

Tournament Planner

It’s your Tournament, and you call the shots! You can offer your customers competition either as part of our Gamification package or as a stand-alone. The ground-breaking Tournament feature from Smartico is ideal for sports betting and iGaming, although you can gamify almost anything! Features such as multiple buy-in options, recurrence scheduling, scoring logic, and a flexible prize pool allow you to customize the product according to the interests of your users.

Boost revenue with gamification solutions from Smartico is the world leader in gamification, CRM, and Loyalty platforms. Using gaming techniques and challenges to motivate users, our innovative gamification software boosts your revenue by engaging, entertaining, and retaining customers.

Real-time AI-powered marketing establishes user trends to optimize the gaming experience. As a result, our gamification solutions are constantly improving to entertain and reward customers while keeping pace with the industry’s evolving needs.

Contact us to request a demo and learn more about how Smartico gamification products can help grow your customer loyalty.


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