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Gamification in iGaming: Why is this a good idea ?

Updated on March 15, 2022
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  • Gamification is a term that has been gaining a lot of traction lately. But if you ask somebody who is speaking about the term, they probably won’t be able to give you a proper definition of it. 


The formal definition of Gamification is “The use of typical game elements, such as scoring, competition with other users and more”. In essence, gamification is about extracting game mechanics (what makes it “addictive”) and applying those to other experiences.

Why should we Gamify?

Why do we gamify them? Because it allows us to motivate, generate concentration, build loyalty and generate other positive values from the game. It is used as a product marketing technique to encourage engagement with a product or service.


In short, it is the use of game mechanics and experience design to motivate and digitally engage people to achieve their goals.


What is the purpose of gamification?


There is no doubt that by playing Monopoly we can learn to differentiate between a strategic operation or a tactical decision or that by playing Pictionary we put into practice the confrontation of new situations from creativity. And also that when we play a game like Fortnite we work as a team, and by processing many signals in real-time, we practice skills in a global and holistic vision.


Gamification in iGaming

Surely you think about how you could have survived without gamification for so long or without offering your users the dose of autonomy they need to be able to undertake any action from their decision and thanks to a wide range of possibilities, alternatives and, therefore, fleeing from obligation. If you are forced, it is no longer playing.


How I have survived without offering experiences that are controlled by those who enjoy them and thus make them flow. Without offering experiences in which intrinsic motivations, born from within, and not so many extrinsic ones, which from the outside are more similar to trophies and awards, take precedence.


It is necessary to offer experiences in which the important thing is not to appear in a ranking or accumulate hundreds of thousands of points but to enjoy:


  • Using all the senses, touching, seeing, and listening is always better than just seeing, for example.


  • Giving a story to the ears of others and reliving it while I tell it or hear it from someone else. A story is an experience, and from it emerges learning.


  • The immersion that occurs when one forgets “what is outside” to take refuge in “what is inside” because one is living an intense experience. This is what happens when we read a book at night and we cannot turn off the light because it is so interesting!


  • Personalization and free expression. In the same way that we select the clothes we wear or the hairstyle we want to wear today, we should be able to choose the experience to enjoy in terms of its format and aesthetics.


  • The challenge is that “my theory” is that in reality there is no such thing as a lazy person, but rather misguided people who do not do what they really want to do and therefore run away from their daily lives. Passing a test allows us to measure ourselves and grow in all kinds of skills because we do it. We don’t just say it and think it.


  • Surprise and discovery – we prefer not to be told everything and to be left to search and explore to find it on our own!

Tips for applying Gamification in iGaming


Seeing all these pleasures that every memorable experience should offer, perhaps we better understand what motivational design in general and gamification, in particular, can offer us: experiences in which the alternatives to choose from are multiplied.


Create a relevant story


You cannot design a memorable experience that aims to improve skills and invite behavioral change related to a health treatment or some learning in an educational context or even connect you with a different tourism offer if it is not accompanied by a relevant story that makes us understand why. If it does not motivate and measure at the same time to, knowing what happens, make redesign decisions and if all this is not harmonized with an aesthetic appropriate to the “target” and in platforms, digital or analog, appropriate to it.


A good narrative and aesthetics


Surround yourself with people who know the sciences that you are not good at or that you do not master because you will not be able to do everything. Gamification has to be accompanied by narrative and also by aesthetics, usability, and content. All this operates on a set of Transmedia platforms. It is therefore a science that operates on the basis of multidisciplinarity and requires co-creation and constant participation by different roles and competence profiles.




On the other hand, let’s not forget that autonomy and control are the pillars of any good game, as well as clear and fair rules. Without them, it would be more like a toy. Good for a little while, but nothing more.


If the activity is already being performed by users, gamifying it can add value to the moment. If, on the other hand, you are trying to convert visitors to a specific behavior, you will need to make sure that the gamification process is easy for them to accept.

Be clear about the incentive you are offering


For the strategy to be successful, there must be a valid and meaningful reason for introducing gamification. Also an incentive to motivate users. This can range from rewarding people with a better status, with access to new content, or by offering free products. In other words, we must be clear about how we intend to motivate the audience before carrying out a motivational technique.




If you want to use gamification as a human resources tool, for example, you will need to make sure that the technology is accessible to everyone as a web service and not just as an app. If your target audience is already using a particular device, you will need to develop a solution around their technology choices. In other words, make sure the audience is on the right platform.



As with any strategy, before launching it we have to set a short or long-term goal. Giving away free products usually works and we will make a profit quickly, but other incentives such as providing access to exclusive content can generate more loyalty in the long term.



How can Smartico help your Gamification process?

Our smart Gamification software creates a 3-Step Solution to deliver real-time game experiences that are dynamically segmented to match customer profiles.

The three steps are:

1. Set emotional and intellectual goals that appeal to your players.

2. Offer Rewards that engage and motivate your players to keep playing.

3. Place Gamification at the center of the player experience, creating recurring themes and reinforcing player routines.


We accomplish Gamification in gaming through the use of a different set of tools designed to increase the engagement of the users:

  • Missions: Boost player engagement, making gameplay fun and challenging by creating real-time tasks for players to complete.
  • Badges: Reward achievements visually, keep your players feeling more engaged by giving free spins or bonuses with each badge.
  • Points: Incentivize your players to earn points, unlock new games and encourage more gameplay. A great way to drive engagement.
  • Leaderboards: Create competitions, reward your players with daily, weekly and monthly prizes, and watch your daily logins soar.
  • Shop: Let your players cash in their points for virtual goods such as Free Spins or real goods such as Amazon vouchers.


Gamification in iGaming is an awesome alternative that you can use to improve the engagement and interaction that users have in your iGaming platform. Through Gamification you can keep players on your platforms, you can set the path they should go through, and improve the performance of your game. 


If you want to know more about how Gamification in iGaming can be beneficial for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We want to hear from you and your business.


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