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How to Improve User Experience with Gamification?

How to Improve User Experience with Gamification? - Smartico

Do you know how it feels when you’re playing a game on your phone or laptop, and suddenly you realize you’re completely hooked?

And the game was not just for fun, but to learn something new, gain a prize, or unlock new content? Well, if so, then you’ve participated in gamification.

That’s what Smartico does for your business. We take game elements and apply them to your website or app so customers get hooked on your product or website. 

Gamification is an easy way to keep people engaged and coming back for more.

But What Exactly Is Gamification?

Gamification applies gaming elements or reward systems to a website or app to make it more fun and engaging. And if it’s more fun or interesting or in other words, if you have a better user experience you are more likely to stick around longer and come back more often.

When you were playing this game, the goal was not simply to entertain you and to give you a fun and exciting game to play. The goal is to motivate you to perform a particular behavior or action.

So, gamification shifts the motivation to click on a button or visit a specific website away from the business level to a more personal one.

This is an irresistible force because your emotions are involved and motivate you to perform specific actions.

How to Improve User Experience with Gamification?

As we have seen, at its core, gamification is all about motivation. 

But what motivates us as humans to do something?

Research shows that three primary motivators drive human behavior: 

  1. achievement
  2. affiliation
  3. power

This can be accomplished by:

  1. solving problems, completing challenging tasks
  2. team experience and being part of a particular group of people.
  3. achieving goals and being rewarded

When your website or app helps fulfill these needs, it dramatically improves your user experience.

That’s what gamification can do. It stirs emotions and engages users more than any other content you could have on your page. And this is what Smartico can accomplish. 

Smartico Can Improve User Experience With Gamification

Smartico has brought this element of motivation and user engagement to a new level with nine easy-to-set-up gamification tools.

Creating Missions

For example, you can use Smartico to assign a mission to your users, such as completing a task as fast as possible or achieving a specific score in a game.

By completing these missions, your users can feel a sense of accomplishment and get rewarded with new content or discounts.

Creating Tournaments

Or you can create tournaments that create a certain feeling of affiliation with your brand. Users gain team experience by being part of a particular group of people in the game.

At the same time, it creates an achievement when a user can win points or badges to reach a certain level of affiliation. 

The Power Of Badges

Speaking of badges, can you remember the time back in school, during the first and second grades, when you did a great job on your homework? What did you get as a reward? If it was like me, you got a sticker (although it has not been that often with me, to be honest).

So getting a badge for an accomplishment can also stir up positive memories and contribute to a great user experience.

And when their names show up on a leaderboard, it gives them an even more incredible feeling of accomplishment or power. Who does not like to see their name on a leaderboard? 

Successful Implementation Of Gamification

But the successful implementation of gamification generally requires careful planning and design to create a fun and engaging experience for users.

However, Smartico makes it very easy. With our industry-leading software, you can create real-time game experiences that are motivating and rewarding. You’ll see a boost in revenue as customers stick around longer and come back more often.

So, request a demo today and see how Smartico can improve user experience with gamification for you!


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