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Scratch & Catch

Another Mini game offered in our loyalty portfolio. Along with the Loyalty Wheel, the Scratch & Catch is a powerful feature in gaining and retaining customers’ loyalty. It’s from those small pleasures in life not many can resist, that boosts your mood even on a bad day.

Used in registration campaigns or as a reward system within the client’s journey, scratch cards will provide the excitement and feeling of accomplishment for each user.

Wildly Customized

The wider customization range of the cards can make sure you provide the best design for any event.

Whether it’s a holiday, seasonal greeting, game related or any other possibility, you can choose the colors, icons, background and many more details. You can create the customized cards you know your customers will be excited to scratch.

It's a simple setup

The game can be available as part of the gamification widget or in standalone mode.

It’s only a matter of a quick set up by the operator. And speaking about set up, we managed to simplify it to the highest extent possible. The backoffice setup is the same as the one for the Loyalty Wheel. The only difference is the upgraded design customizations. The Scratch & Catch offers even more variations to tailor the design according to your vision and needs.

Rules are simple, match three prizes of the same type and you win.

We also added the satisfying scratch sound for closest to real life experience.

Doesn’t matter of the device type your clients are using, scratch cards are available both for mobile and desktop.

The Multi factor!

As always and everywhere, our Scratch & Catch enjoys Smartico Multi factor; Multi Brand, Multi Lingual and Multi Currency.Audience segmentation is yet another important advantage of this feature, set your Scratch for the right users in the right time! 

Smartico Scratch & Catch is another Mini Game for retention and acquisition in our arsenal of Gamification tools and collection of Loyalty Suite mechanics.

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