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What is Gamification Software ?

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  • In recent times, there’s been an increase in the adoption of the concepts of gamification and gamified elements across industries. In fact, the usage of gamified components and gamification features in many business and consumer apps is getting prevalent. One of the examples of such software is, a multi-channel Realtime Gamification and Marketing Loyalty Platform. So, let us explore what gamification software is, its roles for business growth, and insights into

What is the meaning of gamification software?

A gamification software refers to any platform or tool that can be utilized to apply game mechanics over non-gaming contexts to drive user engagement and better outcomes. Some of the valuable use cases include performance management, customer retention, employee engagement, and e-learning. Due to its widespread popularity, the line between unique definitions of gamified and gamification elements has blurred. 

Some software comes with only custom gamification features, others have embedded elements of gamified as well to ensure better use cases. 

What are the 5 features to gamify the business operation? 

Offering real-time challenges to complete makes the user experience fun and can boost up engagement for any business. However, it is only possible if the gamification software you are using leverages advanced gamified features that include elements like mission, badges, points, leaderboards, and shop. is a fantastic platform that includes best-gamified elements, including the ones mentioned earlier. So, if you were wondering what the use of these elements are, then here’s a brief on each of them; 

  • Mission: The element focuses on improving users’ real-time experience by making the tasks fun and engaging. 
  • Badges: It focuses on offering users rewards depending on their achievement within the platform. For example, each badge provides extra spins for free or some bonus points. 
  • Points: This element takes care of the process of distributing incentives to users. It enables users to earn points and further unlocks new stages and even new games. It results in users getting into more gameplay, increasing user engagement. 
  • Leaderboards: It creates competitions on a regular basis. The winning users get rewards depending on their participation in daily, weekly or monthly competitions. It can significantly boost the number of daily logins by users on your business site. 
  • Shop It enables users to cash in their virtual reward points to buy digital as well as real-life goods—for example, free spins or vouchers for shopping sites like Amazon. 

Why are businesses choosing gamification companies?

The inclusion of gamification within an existing business system is not a straightforward task. If a business wants to implement gamification in their business, they need to note that gamification tools are also a part of the help desk, CRM, ERP, and consumer behavior software. 

Hence adopting gamification in a business will overlap other software apps that leverage gamified elements to run their operations. Some of the software include: 

  • Performance Management: It is basically an HR software that assists teams and managers in comprehending an employee’s job roles in a better way. It also helps in tracking job-based objectives and measuring improvements. The HR software embeds gamified elements to keep track of the performance and progress of an employee to boost engagement. 
  • Learning Management Systems: The software provides companies a gamified platform for building, tracking, and improving training modules for employees or customers. It leverages an online portal to implement gamification with an aim to drive user outcomes and engage users for a longer time. 
  • Employee Engagement: Such software platforms mainly focus on using gamified elements and tools to boost businesses’ productivity, revenue, and training efficiency. 

Why should you choose

Real-Time Marketing

The platform offers an AI-powered marketing approach. It operates in real-time to discover user trends and patterns. Further, it uses the information to provide an exclusive user experience. Gathering the user insights automates the needed changes to enhance the player value. Hence,  it results in increased user acquisition. 

Personalized user journey has been personalizing users’ journeys through the data obtained for each unique user. It considers factors like new game launches, incomplete registration by the user, new odds, etc., to create a unique journey for the user. Hence, it adds value to the customers’ participation in the tasks and boosts player retention. 

Appealing Gamification 

The gamification solution uses numerous gaming techniques and challenges. Doing so encourages the users to participate consistently, resulting in a long-term user relationship with the brand. Moreover, identifying and analyzing which technique motivates which user segment can deliver more influential brand messaging. It drives brand loyalty across all the marketing efforts. 

Unleashing the power of gamification marketing software

There was a time when customers would be attracted and retained with the use of discounts and offers. Then this became a normal part of all business offers and the game changed. 

The next step was to give customers added value for no extra cost. Once this became a standard, there was a need for something much better.

Gamification was the answer to the needs of business owners looking for a new way to stand out from the competition. 

This is the new edge that all business ventures are looking to obtain. It allows them to create a powerful environment that engages their audience with optimal retention by creating challenges and rewards. 

The use of gamification marketing software is now an essential part of any business that wants to ensure success in the coming decade. In addition, it allows you to obtain valuable data.

Here are some interesting statistics related to gamification:

Companies using gamification can increase conversation rates by up to 7 times
Browsing time on websites can see at least a 30% boost with gamification
Gamifying free trials increases the use of the trial by 54% 
Gamified systems can increase customer acquisition by 700%
Motivating users with gamified content increases engagement by 48%

Smartico offers smart Gamification software to boost your marketing efforts
There are many ways to boost your efforts to engage your audience with gamification. You can create a badge system to reward the most active users on your website forums or blogs. Come up with gamified activities that allow users to earn points they can exchange for rewards. Moreover, you can incorporate leader boards to increase engagement and browsing time.

Those are just a few of the many features that you can unleash with the use of our highly efficient gamification marketing software.


Gamification is becoming one of the essential tools to engage customers. The concept has been changing the way marketing used to be done before. With gamification software, businesses are shifting their focus from boosting more sales to boosting user experience. In fact, serving customers is the key to keeping them engaged and loyal for longer.

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