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What are the advantages of Smartico's Marketing Gamification software?

Updated on May 10, 2022
Marketing Gamification software - Smartico

Smartico has launched a full CRM suite with personalized marketing and gamification included at almost every level of customer engagement. Boosting engagement in the iGaming industry is often something that many developers struggle with. Choosing a real-time AI CRM can improve customer retention and create solutions tailored to your brand that can help you set your applications apart and see improvements in many aspects of your marketing and daily operations. 

Here are some of the top advantages Smartico Marketing Gamification Software can deliver for your company:

Solving Complex problems in your business with feedback:

Gaining customer feedback can be a very difficult process for many business owners. With Smartico’s custom CRM, you can reward your customers for offering feedback on various aspects of your business or application. Feedback will help you to capture useful data that can help you to measure engagement in your customers, ways you can improve activities, and ways that you can grow your platform. With driven prompts and multiple scripts for garnering feedback on your platform, you won’t have to struggle to see where you can improve and to get proven insights from your users. 

Begin to gather more powerful consumer data:

As well as capturing feedback, you can introduce info like sign-ins or multiple levels of membership access. TO get access to these details in your business a customer may have to submit data such as their email, address, occupation, and more. Generating surveys for your members or having them opt into items like achievements on their profile will help you to track how users are behaving on your application, their demographic information, and more. 

Offer more complete instructions:

Gamification is an amazing way to educate and motivate your users to complete various training or tasks. Offering a discount for completing a tutorial or trial or using an achievement system for completing your training program can lead to more informed users and rewards for an audience that is now loyal and targeted to your programs. Educational tools are easy to coordinate through our application and we can help you set up the perfect program to get your customers through a trial or tutorial. 

Improving your presence amongst competition:

Gamification using Smartico will keep you relevant against the competition. It is essential to offer an experience that is different from the competition and with the powerful tools we offer in this CRM, we can make sure that you have multiple levels of engagement and new ways to gamify actions within your website or applications. We can keep your user base engaged and make sure that they are feeling rewarded for accessing your products over the competition. 

It’s cost-effective:

Adding a small discount in a gamified form of engagement or bringing in our CRM is a budget-friendly option to enhance your platform. The traffic and leads that these new tools can bring to your brand will be more effective than many forms of marketing or development that you could take on. If you are looking for changes that can give you maximum ROI, Smartico can deliver a budget-friendly and impactful change for your business. 

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