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Entertain, Engage and Reward to Boost Revenue. 

Smartico’s industry-leading gamification software utilizes challenges and gaming techniques to motivate players towards more consistent gameplay, encouraging long- term engagement and retention.

According to a Harvard Business School report, even a 5% customer retention improvement can easily lead to a 25%+ increase in revenue.

Our smart Gamification software creates a 3-Step Solution to deliver real-time game experiences that are dynamically segmented to match customer profiles. (Ideal for iGaming)


Set emotional and intellectual goals that appeal to your players.


Offer Rewards that engage and motivate your players to keep playing.


Place Gamification at the center of the player experience, creating recurring themes and reinforcing player routines.

9 Tools to Gamify your Operation

The Smartico System includes 9 Gamification Mechanics that reward your players for increased gameplay:


Boost player engagement, making gameplay fun and challenging by creating real-time tasks for players to complete.


Reward achievements visually, keep your players feeling more engaged by giving free spins or bonuses with each badge or their accomplishment. 


Incentivize your players to earn points, unlock new games and encourage more gameplay. A great way to drive engagement.


Levels are the core of a good gamification system. Your players will collect points by completing missions, winning tournaments or perform any game or financial activity to gain new levels and unlock new content.


Motivate your players by giving them rewards, bonuses and gifts to make them “strive for more”. Bonuses are given automatically via integration with your Bonus System.



Smartico in-widget Marketplace allows your users the opportunity to actualize the points earned during the Gamification engagement and cash them for virtual goods such as Free Spins or real goods such as Amazon vouchers.

Read more about our Marketplace


Tournaments allow you to offer very targeted competitions to your players by letting the operator alone to define the Qualification Rules for users to win the competition.

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Mini Games

Our retention mini games are short-burst game engines that build engagements with your players, letting them step out of their routine gameplay to a fresh moment of challenge with the opportunity to win prizes.

Read more about Mini Games


Create competitions, reward your players with daily, weekly and monthly prizes, and watch your daily logins soar.

From these 9 mechanics, your players are then taken through our gamification funnel which rewards game-play, encourages engagement and ultimately delivers stronger LTVs.

Define the goal of your mission for the players.

Is the mission locked? Choose the right Event to unlock it.

Pick which challenges the players will have to complete.

Set the number of points awarded for completing each challenge.

Assign a reward for the entire mission.

Leaderboards rank the players on performance.

Players can then trade-in their points to level-up.

Players use their points to shop for real and virtual gifts.

What are the benefits of using Gamification for the business?

Gamification is increasing brand awareness and distinguishing the brand from the general market. 

From the measurements done using the Control Group, we see the increase of LTV by 5%-15% percent together with the increase of the lifetime and gaming activity.

What kind of items can be sold in the Smartico Store?

The two main types of marketplace items are “Bonuses” and “Tangible items”. It’s up to the operator to use both of them or only one.

The “Bonuses” could be automatically issued when the end-user is buying a marketplace item. 

In extreme cases when the operator’s platform does not provide an API to issue bonuses automatically, your support team will get an email or slack notification when the end-user buys a bonus so that the support personnel can give the bonus manually from your platform.

Tangible items work in a similar way – an email with the user details and information about the items he just purchased will be sent to your personnel to deliver the purchased items. 

The marketplace can also be used to sell other items from the Smartico Gamification environment, for example, a user can buy a ticket to participate in some VIP Tournament or purchase attempts in one of the mini games

Is there a ready-to-use template provided by Smartico to set up Gamification?

We have prepared a suggested set of missions, rules for the points accumulation, and structure of the levels of different business verticals. These sets are based on the best practices that we have built from our operational experiences and by observing different setups of our clients.
That being said, in such cases we would expect the creative materials (images, logos, icons) to be provided by the operator, based on the theme of the brand.

What are the KPIs that can be measured in the gamification concept?

An operator can measure the performance of each gamification tool, it could be the dynamics of completed missions, progression of levels, collection and usage of gamification points, purchases in the store, participation in the tournaments and mini-games.

Smartico is providing dedicated dashboards to monitor the performance of the gamification setup from different aspects and also giving the baselines of “good” and “bad” performance.

Additionally, the operator can set up Control Groups for gamification and compare business KPIs (deposits, retention, gaming activities) for users who are participating in gamification and those who are not.

Is it possible to have one gamification setup that is used by users of multiple brands?

Smartico is serving businesses that by nature operate multiple brands as part of one organization unit.

This need is coming as a result of regulatory requirements or from the marketing needs when the end-user completed his lifecycle in one brand is crossed to the next brand and this way total LTV is increased. 

In terms of gamification, the setup done for one brand can smoothly work for new brands added in the same organization, which is decreasing the operational cost of the original setup and further support. 

While having the possibility to share the exactly the same set of missions, levels, store items etc, the operator still has the possibility to tune the setup for the specifics of a particular brand, e.g.:

  • The visual presentation can be totally different between the brands, while the logic between them is shared.
  • The rules of points accumulation can be adjusted per brand or set to be the same.
  • Store items, Tournaments, Mini-games, and missions can be also segmented to become available only for users of specific brands or shared if needed.
  • All items of the UI are supporting localization to a wide range of languages with the possibility of adjusting them according to the needs of the operator.

What are the steps of setting up gamification tools?

As soon as the integration is completed, our Account Managers will start training your CRM team, explaining everything about Smartico’s gamification tools, and share our written guides of how to operate the system.

Depending on the business vertical (Casino, Sport, Forex, Retail etc) we will share with your team templates, ideas and best practices for missions and other tools that work well for your vertical.

Based on your preferences and vision of the gamification setup, we will help build a balanced setup on paper (e.g. in Excel).

This setup will clear how the end-users will collect points and how they can spend them in the Store or in mini-games.

The setup should have business reasoning to benefit active players and protect them from the bonus abusers. 

As soon as the paper-based setup is ready, your creative team can start preparing the creative materials, like images, icons and names for the missions, levels, tournaments, and apply the configurations in the Smartico Back Office. 

With the proper focus, a full setup of all gamification tools can be done in 2 weeks.


In order to decrease the time for going live, the setup can be done in an iterative way, when basic missions, level, and store items are introduced in the 1st phase and followed by new tools and more complex missions at later stages.

What are the tools to protect gamification setup from abusers?

The main points that should be controlled from a risk perspective are how players are collecting gamification points and how they can be exchanged for rewards or benefits..

To protect the way of collecting points the operator has the possibility to set different rules for points collection depending on the user segment – for example, users who did not reach a certain amount of total deposits or wagering amounts will be able to collect less points.

The Marketplace can have limitations for each item as well; what type of users can buy this item and how many times this item can be bought by a specific user.

The mini-games (Loyalty Wheel, Scratch & Catch) has a BMM certified Random Number Generator mechanism and tools to control the probability of winning of each item, which gives the operator confidence when setting up a balance of gamification environment.

How deep personalization can go in the context of gamification?

All gamification tools can be targeted to specific segments of users. 

For example you can make a tournament available only for users who ever deposited with BitCoin and also did a total wagering amount above 1000 EUR or any other currency. You can use any financial or gaming activity to build such types of segments. 

Same goes for the missions, mini-games and marketplace items. 

Additionally, operators can manually give a mission, mini-game or tournament to a particular user or to build a rule that is giving such tools upon some action. For example you can give a spin on the Loyalty Wheel to every user who registered through a specific affiliate.

What are the operational limitations of Smartico gamification tools?

There are no specific technical limits from Smartico side.

From the existing setups, we have seen the following setups: 500 Missions, 100 Levels, 400 store items, Tournaments handling 20,000 users at the same time.

In terms of mini-games, the highest numbers we have observed so far are 500,000 Loyalty Wheel games played during a week.

Note: mentioned numbers shouldn’t be used as an example of a ‘good’ gamification setup. We have seen setups with dozens of missions and levels giving good results from a business perspective.

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