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Gamify Whatever!

Entertain, Engage and Reward to Boost Revenue. 

Smartico’s industry-leading gamification software utilizes challenges and gaming techniques to motivate players towards more consistent gameplay, encouraging long- term engagement and retention.

According to a Harvard Business School report, even a 5% customer retention improvement can easily lead to a 25%+ increase in revenue.

Our smart Gamification software creates a 3-Step Solution to deliver real-time game experiences that are dynamically segmented to match customer profiles.


Set emotional and intellectual goals that appeal to your players.


Offer Rewards that engage and motivate your players to keep playing.


Place Gamification at the center of the player experience, creating recurring themes and reinforcing player routines.

5 Tools to Gamify your Operation

The Smartico System includes 5 Gamification Mechanics that reward your players for increased gameplay:


Boost player engagement, making gameplay fun and challenging by creating real-time tasks for players to complete.


Reward achievements visually, keep your players feeling more engaged by giving free spins or bonuses with each badge. 


Incentivize your players to earn points, unlock new games and encourage more gameplay. A great way to drive engagement.


Create competitions, reward your players with daily, weekly and monthly prizes, and watch your daily logins soar.


Let your players cash in their points for virtual goods such as Free Spins or real goods such as Amazon vouchers.

From these 5 mechanics, your players are then taken through our gamification funnel which rewards game-play, encourages engagement and ultimately delivers stronger LTVs.

Define the goal of your mission for the players.

Is the mission locked? Choose the right Event to unlock it.

Pick which challenges the players will have to complete.

Set the number of points awarded for completing each challenge.

Assign a reward for the entire mission.

Leaderboards rank the players on performance.

Players can then trade-in their points to level-up.

Players use their points to shop for real and virtual gifts.

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