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iGaming CRM; Get to know the best platform

Updated on April 25, 2022
iGaming CRM - Smartico.ai

For those who do not know, CRM-type software is a program or application specially designed to manage and perform interactions between a company and its customers. 

Customer relationship management is essential for any business, no matter how large or small.

Although the participation of humans is key at the time of customer service, especially at the time of claims, having a reliable CRM will help you and save you a lot of headaches. 

A reliable and successful CRM system like Smartico.ai ensures that interaction with customers goes smoothly and easily. In addition, it collects information from consumers, such as personal data, purchase history and even behaviour patterns.

Something that makes Smartico stand out from the rest of the CRM software is that it uses Gamification tools to carry out these customer interaction services. 

The CRM developed by Smartico has the particularity of offering gamification platform for your website or application, especially in the shopping sector, making those people who enter your page to see those games end up staying on it and becoming customers.

A Gaming technique for marketing is ideal as it constantly motivates players, and always encourages them to play longer and longer, making the bonds between your company and your customers more durable, ensuring customer retention that wouldn’t be possible in a different way.

What is Smartico.ai?

Smartico is a company that mixes the world of marketing with the world of gamers, making a perfect combination to guarantee the success of its clients. 

The marketing tools offered by this platform are personalised for each of its clients, so they are completely tailored.

The company has been operating since 2008 and brings together professionals from different areas of technology, who together have more than 50 years of experience, constantly updating to offer the services that a changing world like ours needs.

Boost your sales

Smartico keeps key information about customers within reach of your team, such as phone numbers, location or past conversations, purchasing trends, and even the point in the purchase process where they got stuck without completing it.

The good thing is that Smartico offers different tools that can help you make sales, or work in those moments where the customer withdraws or leaves the virtual cart abandoned. 

In addition, by collecting the customer’s buying trends, you know when is the right time to offer a certain discount.

What tools does Smartico have?

Smartico also stores every conversation you have with customers, whether made by a customer service employee or the software and maintains a detailed history that allows you to return to a lead at any time. 

You can see this as a personalised journey where not only the purchases or the times that the customer is contacted are analysed, but also Smartico shows you how many times the customers clicked on a product but did not make the purchase, in which part of the process they did not advance, among other things.

The best decisions are made based on information, and that is why the reports generated by this business management software are so useful. 

Compare the performance of your sales, understand the behaviour of your customers, carry out demographic and productivity analyses, etc.

In turn, Smartico has different tools that make the purchase process more entertaining for its customers. 

For example, they have a wheel of fortune, which you can incorporate into your company’s website or application, where customers (or potential customers) can click to make it spin and get some kind of benefit on their next purchase.

This is a fantastic technique as there are a lot of people who weren’t thinking of making a purchase, but by having that interactive moment and receiving a discount, they are more willing to buy and even spend more money.

They also offer the option of holding tournaments, where the entity that carries it out has the possibility of choosing what the terms of participation are, who can participate, whether it is free or not, what the prizes are, when it is going to take place, etc. . 

This technique is good because the people who participate in each of the tournaments will want to continue participating to receive more benefits (which can be special offers, memberships, products, whatever you want), and they form a unique and lasting bond with your business.

How long does it take to recollect the data?

In just a matter of days, you receive a large amount of information from Smartico. 

The good thing is that their reports are not the typical and boring excel sheets, but they share the data in a way that is easy to understand, explains how you can improve, and really helps you visualise what are the defects of your sales process or how you can improve them.

In Which type of business can I use Smartico?

Smartico ensures that they can gamify whatever. This means that no matter what type of business you have, they can help you with their CRM system to apply it to the sale of any type of product or service.

The most obvious businesses are casinos or online betting places since there is a close relationship between gambling and sales. Something good about Smartico is that it can increase and boost people’s engagement, thanks to the tools mentioned above such as tournaments or wheels of fortune.

Another niche but perhaps a little more strange is that of Fintech

This is so because Smartico allows you to combine real-time marketing with your own clients and even with the markets without any type of obstacle, favouring the usability of your website and your services.

It can also be used in the world of retail, since the gamification technique helps to cause people to stay longer within your website, or even helps them want to return, making your opportunities to sell extra things grow exponentially.

So Smartico can be carried out practically in any type of area, since all people enjoy the added functionalities of gaming, and it works to generate stronger ties between clients and the company.


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