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Gamification in the Netherlands

Gamification in the Netherlands -

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What is gamification in the Netherlands?


Gamification in the Netherlands uses game design techniques to engage users in solving problems or accomplishing goals. Gamification in the Netherlands can be as simple as a game with a reward or much more complex. Gamification in the Netherlands is based on behavioral design, social psychology, and game thinking. 


The most important aspect of gamification is that it must fit the context in which it will be used. A game designed for the real world should be based on the same principles that make people enjoy playing games. Gamifiers often use points, badges, levels, and leaderboards to encourage users to take action and complete challenges to reach their goals. This can translate into higher engagement and better results for your business or organization with less effort required from you!

Gamification in the Netherlands is used in a lot of sectors including:


Gamification in social media

Gamification in blockchain and NFT

Gamification in e-learning and education

Gamification in HR

Gamification in call centers

Gamification in finance and banking

Gamification in SaaS



Many other sectors use gamification! If you want to know more, our blog is for you! (

Some benefits of gamification in the Netherlands

Increase in motivation


One of the main benefits of gamification in the Netherlands is increased motivation. You’re more likely to stick with a task or activity if it feels like an entertaining game, rather than a mundane task. Gamification can also increase engagement and focus, leading to better results for your company.


The effects of gamification on people are well-documented: they’re more collaborative, have more team spirit, and engage with each other more frequently than those without an incentive system. This makes them more likely to share information with colleagues—and that leads directly to another benefit, improved collaboration within your organization as well!

Creating a quick and fun way to learn


In addition to being a fun way to learn, gamification in the Netherlands is also an effective way to teach new skills. You can use it to teach your employees how to do something or use it as a training tool for customers and students. For example, if you’re trying to train someone on how to drive a forklift at work, gamification could be used so that they have fun while learning.

Lowering barriers


Let’s say you’re trying to encourage your employees to participate in a paper recycling program, but they’re not super into it. You could use gamification to lower the barrier between them and that goal. For example, you could create virtual leaderboards so that employees can compete with each other for points based on how much paper they recycle per week or month. That way, people who are already motivated by competition will be able to get some extra motivation from working toward something meaningful for their company!

Reducing costs of education


In addition to the benefits listed above, gamification in the Netherlands can also be used to save money on education. The cost of education is rising all over the world, and as a result, many students are unable to afford it. This is especially true in developing countries where most people do not have access to formal education or cannot afford it.


Using gamification software in place of some traditional methods allows you to reduce costs while still providing students with a quality learning experience that they enjoy and appreciate. For example:


-Gamification can replace expensive equipment such as computers or even tablets for students who do not have these items available at home or in their community centers.


-Gamification in the Netherlands can replace expensive materials such as books.


-Gamification in the Netherlands can replace expensive teachers who travel from place to place to teach classes.


-Gamification in the Netherlands can replace tutors who come into your home for private lessons (which may be more convenient than traveling somewhere else).

Enhancing feedback


When you’re working on a group project with your colleagues, it’s great to get feedback. The problem is that feedback can come in many different forms and not all of them are constructive. A manager might tell you that you’re doing an amazing job, or they might say that they need more from you. 


You can use gamification in the Netherlands to make it easier for employees to offer their opinions and suggestions in ways that are positive and encouraging. To do this, try some gamification techniques such as point systems and leaderboards so everyone understands the mindset behind giving constructive criticism or positive encouragement.

Which large companies are using gamification?



The company has been using gamification to encourage customers to try new products and sign up for its rewards program. The game involves earning stars by completing different tasks, such as buying certain types of products like bottled water or venti drinks. Once you’ve earned enough points, you can redeem them for rewards like free food or merchandise at Starbucks shops. It’s also possible to make stars by using the official app on your phone while shopping at any location around the world!



Nissan has a gamified website, an app, and even an app for kids. Nissan’s family-friendly gamification is designed to get parents involved in their children’s lives and educate them on car ownership and maintenance.


The website has games that teach you how to take care of your vehicle by answering questions like “What should I do if my car gets dirty?” or “How can I reduce the amount of gas I use?” The game is interactive, with points being awarded for correct answers (and deducted for incorrect ones). You can also earn rewards for completing various tasks such as booking service appointments or downloading Nissan coupons. The entire experience is fun, engaging, and easy to navigate—but most importantly it’s educational!


Nike is using gamification in some ways, including:




-Nike Training Club (NTC)


-Nike Golf


Nike+ Running was the first to use the Apple Watch and iPhones as fitness trackers. It has since been used by millions worldwide.


When it comes to fitness games, NTC is one of the favorites among athletes and trainers alike. The game’s leaderboards allow you to compare yourself against other players worldwide—but if that isn’t enough competition for you, there are also daily challenges that encourage people to keep up their exercise routine even when they might not want to.

What tools are used for gamification in the Netherlands?


Gamification is not just about adding points and badges to your website or app. It’s about understanding what motivates people and how they behave, then using that information to deliver an experience that will keep them coming back again and again.


The tools you choose depend on what you’re trying to achieve with your gamified product or platform. If you’re looking for engagement, consider using points, leaderboards, and badges. If you want to drive behavior change, consider using levels and challenges. And if you’re looking for revenue generation, many tools can help you achieve this goal too.

Smartico can help you improve your marketing gamification in the  Netherlands! is a marketing solution that assists businesses in creating interactive customer loyalty programs and making repetitive tasks more entertaining. It provides omnichannel CRM automation to maximize engagement across all touchpoints. The platform is designed to help customers succeed by creating tailored solutions that maximize their business potential. The features and developments on the platform are driven by customer requests and product requirements, making it a customized solution for the iGaming industry.


What are the cities in the Netherlands where Smartico offers gamification services?



-The Hague





-Almere Stad

















Smartico offers gamification services for businesses in the Netherlands!!


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What is gamification?


Gamification is the process of using game design techniques, mechanics, and thinking to enhance non-game contexts, such as business and education.


What are some examples of gamification in the Netherlands?


Gamification can be used in a variety of industries and settings in the Netherlands. Examples include gamification in employee training and development programs, customer engagement and loyalty programs, and educational programs.

How can gamification help my business in the Netherlands?


Gamification can help businesses in the Netherlands increase engagement, motivate behavior, and improve performance. It can also be used to drive sales, improve customer loyalty and retention, and enhance brand awareness.

Is there a company that specialized in gamification in the Netherlands?


Smartico is a company that offers gamification services in the Netherlands, this company can help you with your gamification project.

Can you use gamification in employee training?


Yes, gamification can be used in employee training to make the learning experience more engaging and interactive. By using game design elements such as points, leaderboards, and rewards, employees are more likely to be motivated to complete the training and retain the information they have learned.


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