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What is Advergaming?

What is Advergaming? - Smartico

From a business perspective, marketing and advertising are one of the most powerful tools a business can possess, without question. As the world becomes more and more technologically advanced, however, marketing and advertising strategies are constantly changing and evolving. 


One marketing strategy which we never could have envisioned decades ago is the focal point of our guide today, and that is advergaming, and it makes perfect sense. 


You certainly don’t need us to tell you just how popular video games are, and when you consider the fact that the gaming industry is worth over $45 billion every single year, you can see why marketing and advertising specialists were so keen to get on board. 


Here at Smartico, we offer state-of-the-art advergaming strategies with real-time marketing capabilities. The result is a marketing and advertising technique that is guaranteed to increase traffic to your site, generate leads, and increase your revenue in the process. 


Want to learn more? Here’s a look at everything you need to know about advergaming. 


What is advergaming?


Starting as we mean to go on, we’ll begin by looking at what advergaming is. 


Put very simply, advergaming is a relatively new marketing strategy in which games are utilized as a way of marketing products and services, and increasing brand awareness in the process. 


Advergaming is great because it helps to enhance engagement on websites, boosts brand awareness, and serves as a fantastic marketing and advertising strategy. Typically, games developed as part of an advergaming marketing strategy are distributed online, are compatible with a wide range of different devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers, and are free to play. 


Games vary from brand to brand, but typically here at Smartico, we find that the protagonist of these games is the focal point of the game and is the brand, product, or mascot of the business or service that the game is promoting. 


Different types of advergames


Typically, there are three different types of general groupings for advergames, including: 


Type 1 


First off, you may find that games are placed onto a website of a company to basically attract more visitors to the site and keep them there. 


The reasoning for this is that the longer the visitor is happily playing the game on the website, the longer the company’s name, brand, and products or services will be visible, thereby boosting brand awareness. 


Type 2 


The second type of advergaming is much closer to the typical commercial video games so many of us know and love. Though these games are much similar to the games we see on game consoles, the key difference is the fact that they have been made with specific objectives in mind. 


If for example, a sportswear company is launching a new brand of sportswear, the theme of the game could be based around sportswear, or sports in general, to get people to become more active and purchase the latest sportswear brands. 


Type 3 


The final type of advergames we have for you today is product placement games, sometimes referred to as in-game advertising. 


Here, the product being advertised, or the ad for the product is included as a part of the game itself. This could be a new pair of sneakers, a vehicle, a specific type of burger, or anything else. 


Why choose Smartico?


Here at Smartico, we can inject intelligence into your CRM via our personalized marketing and advertising, and gamification solutions. 


Our gamification solutions help to boost engagement, enhance customer value, increase brand awareness, and build loyalty for your brand


It doesn’t matter which industry you’re in, if you’re on the lookout for advergaming/gamification solutions, look no further than Smartico.  


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