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Wheel of loyalty in service marketing

Wheel of loyalty in service marketing - Smartico

A successful service business aims to acquire and retain the ‘right’ customers. Creating loyal customers who are likely to do business with the company in the future is the goal of building customer relationships.

Customer loyalty is a process that starts with the perception that a brand is better than its alternatives to develop a sense of loyalty based on cumulatively satisfying usage opportunities, and then committing to repurchase the brand to demonstrate consistent repurchase behavior.

The importance of customer loyalty to a firm’s profitability is explained in this article. Want to know the best CRM platform to switch to boost your Firm’s loyalty? Read on to find out!

Why is Customer Loyalty Critical to the Profitability of a Business

  1. Increased transactions, increased revenues, and cross-buying
  1. Improved efficiency relating to customer service
  1. Excellent referrals and word-of-mouth
  1. Price sensitivity is reduced
  1. Costs of acquisition amortized over a longer time

To do this, a business or organization will need a strong loyalty program and CRM to enable tailored marketing and gamification solutions that increase connection and customer value. Smartico is a premier CRM software that ensures this!

What is Smartico? is a real-time gamification and marketing loyalty platform across several channels. By delivering targeted marketing as well as retention solutions, we empower businesses to boost client engagement and income.

Distinctive, interesting gamification components can dramatically enhance your consumers’ interest and curiosity in your business and motivate them to keep trying their luck. People like games, therefore include gamification into your customer engagement strategy as often as feasible.

By incorporating gamification dynamics into your client customer loyalty, you create a win situation. You can add value to your consumers’ interactions with your brand, boost organic endorsers and repeat purchases, as well as boost income from existing customers.

Why Smartico is the right choice for your Marketing and Gamification needs

Could your customer relationship management (CRM) or advertising be more beneficial? Then we have an answer! Smartico’s innovative technologies enable it to enhance your organization’s current systems, turbocharging your CRM and marketing activities, and automating your company. Several significant advantages of using our CRM include the following:

  • We help identify your target

Identifying and understanding what drives critical player segments and delivering the most effective timely message is the key to a successful outbound marketing strategy. Smartico lets you tailor perfect user journeys, engaging players with personalized campaigns and incentives.

  • Enhance revenue through entertainment, engagement, and rewards

Smartico’s company gamification software uses gaming and challenges to encourage gamers to play more consistently, resulting in higher levels of engagement and retention. Enhance revenue by using customers’ innate inclinations for networking, playing, and collecting prizes to increase engagement.

  • Motivate

Create personalized journeys in real-time triggered by events, driving your customers to play more and stay online longer. Increase lifetime value and drive player retention with our smart AI-powered engine that delivers a complete multi-channel marketing solution.

  • Build Loyalty

Identify and understand what motivates player segments, deliver the most effective messaging and drive loyalty across all your marketing.

Who needs SMARTICO?


Gamification boosts time spent on the site, repeat visitors, and upgrades chances

Sports Betting

With our award-winning CRM system, you can maximize conversion and retention.


Allow real-time marketing to sync with your customers and the markets


Increase gaming, participation, and loyalty while increasing LTVs.

Smartico Features and Products 

  • Flexible Prizes

Completely customizable prize pool layout and reward distribution throughout the wheel’s sections. Bonuses, Gamification Points, tangible objects, or tries to spin the same or a different wheel.

Configure the availability of stock for each award, and our device will immediately determine the chance after each win/loss depending on the updated stock availability.

  • The Smartico Marketplace

Smartico’s in-widget shop enables your customers to materialize and convert the points acquired during the gamification interaction.

  • Market to a specific Niche

The availability of games may be restricted using “users segments,” for example, a wheel with very significant rewards might be restricted to VIP levels or a specified country, company, player level, or user balance.

To manage the games’ accessibility, Smartico’s dynamic audience segmentation capabilities may be employed.

  • Feel free to play anonymously!

Allow your anonymous guest to take their chances spinning your various Welcome Bonus offers; upon enrollment, the user gets his prize instantly.

  • Tourney planner

You are the one who makes the decisions in your Tournament.

The company Tournament function in Smartico enables you to provide challenges to your consumers not just as part of the Gamification package, but more as a stand-alone offering. Define variable scoring logic, create a gradual prize pool, enable late enrollment, and access many more incredible features with a single click. Originally planned for usage in iGaming and Sports Betting, this functionality finished being applicable to all verticals.


Loyalty Suite mechanics are incomplete without the Smartico Loyalty Wheel. The Smartico integration process is simple and takes only days. Go online on and hire their services today!


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