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Automated Sport Events

Hard to keep in mind all the sport events that will happen in the near future, right?

Smartico’s industry-leading  CRM Marketing sport automation feature enables the operator to send out personalized communication using fully custom materials to players before the match begins. 

The Smartico Automated Sport events feature is designed to save on manual work. Create one campaign for hundreds of events!


Design creatives using advanced tagging library.


Choose any event from the catalog that you want to target.


Sit down, relax, analyze your statistics.

Sport feed is integrated with a sport feed provider in order to satisfy most of the needs of this business vertical. Hundreds of sport events are available to you in 1 click!

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Advanced tagging library

Smartico has advanced tagging support, that allows you to create dynamic content variations including upcoming sport events.

Upload images for every team, league or sport type, and our machine will replace these images for you based on the match, thus creating a better looking marketing asset.

Next level automation

Our intelligent engine will automatically plan, schedule and execute campaigns based on the upcoming events. When the matches are rescheduled, we will still execute the planned campaign on the new time.

Omni channels

Use any communication channel to target your players with automated personalized messages

  • Popup
  • SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Inbox
  • Email
  • Chat
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)


Segment your audience by sport, league or team and enjoy precise targeting.

Read more about Audience Segmentation

Sport campaigns calendar

Scheduling as many campaigns based on real sport events, every such event will appear in our Sport Calendar to give you the most granular view not just by campaign name or segment, but the actual league and teams playing against each other.

Forget about your boring routine of creating repeated campaigns for upcoming games. Let the robot work and use your time wisely!

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