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Level Up Your Life With Gamification And Apps - Smartico

Gamification is the process of applying game-like elements to day-to-day activities. It is commonly used to increase engagement and motivation, particularly among those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). This article will discuss the benefits of gamification and the various apps and solutions available to level up one’s life and reach their goals.

Popular apps such as ‘Zombies! Run!’, ‘Epic Win’, and ‘Super Better’ help make activities like running and recovery more enjoyable. Additionally, Habitica is a versatile app that encourages good habits and daily routines and even has an ADHD guild.

Tile is a solution for losing things, and meditation and mindfulness can help manage impulsiveness in ADHD. By combining gamification and apps, one can find the motivation and focus needed to reach their goals.

Experts suggest that the use of gamification in mental wellness apps can have transformative effects on adults and children with ADHD. It can noticeably improve their focus, adaptability, and overall quality of life. Gamification can transform monotonous chores into engaging games, providing an interesting and fun approach to tasks that are otherwise considered burdensome. This aspect of gamification has led to the rise of gamification in mobile apps, which are designed to integrate game mechanics into everyday activities. This allows for increased engagement, enjoyment, and motivation in individuals, thereby making behavior change achievable and sustainable.

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Key Takeaways

  • Gamification applies game-like elements to day-to-day activities
  • Popular apps like ‘Zombies! Run!’, ‘Epic Win’, ‘Super Better’, ‘Pokémon Go, and ‘Habitica’ gamify activities
  • A tile is a gadget connected to an app that helps locate misplaced items
  • Mindfulness and Tile can be used together to effectively manage the daily lives of individuals with ADHD

Benefits of Gamification

Gamification can be used to motivate individuals with ADHD by providing external reinforcement, encouraging good habits, and making mundane activities more exciting.

Game design elements and concepts are applied to everyday life to turn it into a game. This helps make boring tasks fun and gives people a sense of progress, allowing them to level up in real life.

Apps such as ‘Zombies! Run!’, ‘Epic Win’, ‘Super Better’, and ‘Habitica’ can be used to gamify activities like running, going to bed on time, and recovering from physical injuries.

‘Pokémon Go’ is an example of how games can be highly motivating, as it gamifies walking by allowing users to catch Pokémon in the real world.

Additionally, sticky notes can be used to motivate doing the dishes. Tile is a solution for losing things and meditation and mindfulness can help control impulsiveness in ADHD.

Popular Apps

Popular applications that employ game design elements to motivate users include ‘Zombies! Run!’, ‘Epic Win’, ‘Super Better’, ‘Pokémon Go’, and ‘Habitica’.

‘Zombies! Run!’ is an app that uses story missions and zombie chases to make running more enjoyable.

‘Epic Win’ is a to-do list app that allows users to progress and sync with their calendars.

‘Super Better’ is a recovery app designed to help those suffering from anxiety, depression, or physical injuries.

‘Pokémon Go’ gamifies walking by allowing users to catch Pokémon in the real world.

‘Habitica’ is a versatile app that encourages good habits and daily routines. It also has an ADHD guild and can be adapted for those with ADHD.

Tile is another app that helps users keep track of lost items.

Meditation and mindfulness can also help to control impulsiveness in ADHD.

ADHD Solutions

Studies have shown that solutions such as meditation and mindfulness can help to control impulsiveness in ADHD. Gamification and apps can also be used to assist individuals with ADHD. Specifically, apps allow users to gamify activities such as running and going to bed on time to incentivize them to do so.

There are many apps available that can provide external reinforcement to ADHDers, such as ‘Zombies! Run!’, which makes running more motivating with story missions and zombie chases. ‘Epic Win’ is another to-do list app that allows users to progress and sync with their calendars. ‘Super Better’ is a recovery app for anxiety, depression, and physical injuries. ‘Pokémon Go’ gamifies walking by allowing users to catch Pokémon in the real world. ‘Habitica’ is a versatile app that encourages good habits, daily routines, and breaking down big projects. It has an ADHD guild and can be adapted for ADHD.

Additionally, sticky notes can be used as a game to motivate doing the dishes. Tile is another solution for losing things. Gamification and apps can thus be used to help individuals with ADHD stay focused on day-to-day tasks.

Tile and Mindfulness

Tile, a solution for losing things, and mindfulness, a practice for regulating emotions and improving focus, be effective solutions for individuals with ADHD.

A tile is a small gadget that can be attached to items such as keys and wallets and is connected to an app. When the item is misplaced, the app can locate it.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation that can be used to become more aware of the present and to better control distractions. Research has found both mindfulness and Tile to be helpful for those with ADHD, as they help to reduce impulsivity and increase focus.

Mindfulness encourages individuals to become aware of their emotions and to pay attention to their thoughts. Meanwhile, Tile allows users to easily find items that are often misplaced, reducing the stress of searching for lost objects.

Tile and mindfulness can be used together to help individuals with ADHD to more effectively manage their daily lives.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between gamification and intrinsic motivation?

Gamification uses external reinforcement such as rewards to motivate behavior, while intrinsic motivation is the internal desire to do something. Gamification can be used to enhance intrinsic motivation, as it can provide incentives and make activities more enjoyable.

How does gamification help to motivate people?

Gamification is the application of game-like elements in non-gaming contexts to motivate people. It provides external reinforcement to encourage people to stay focused and complete tasks, while intrinsically motivating them to pursue goals and level up in life.

Are there any risks associated with using gamified apps?

Yes, there are risks associated with using gamified apps, such as potential overuse, difficulty returning to reality after using the app, and increased risk of addiction.

How do I know if gamification is the right solution for me?

Gamification may be the right solution for a person depending on their needs and goals. It is important to consider how gamification can help achieve desired outcomes, as well as any potential risks. It is also beneficial to look at the evidence that exists to support the use of gamified apps.

What are some tips for successfully using gamification?

Successfully using gamification requires understanding the principles of game design, such as reward systems and competition, and finding ways to apply them to daily tasks. Apps can be used to track progress and reward good behavior, while sticky notes or tiles can be used to provide motivation and reminders. Meditation and mindfulness can also help manage impulsiveness.

Last word


In conclusion, gamification is a unique and innovative approach for enhancing motivation and engagement in day-to-day activities through game-like elements. This method is particularly effective for individuals with ADHD, transforming otherwise monotonous tasks into engaging and enjoyable experiences. Utilizing apps like ‘Zombies! Run!’, ‘Epic Win’, ‘Super Better’, and ‘Habitica’, individuals can incorporate these gamified elements into a range of activities and practices, promoting good habits and healthier routines. The integration of mindfulness and tools such as Tile can further assist in managing the challenges of ADHD, providing solutions for impulsivity and lost items., with its comprehensive and advanced gamification, loyalty, and CRM automation platform, is playing a significant role in this industry. By focusing on customer engagement and revenue growth, offers businesses a unique opportunity to enhance their user experience, optimize their marketing efficacy, and drive sustainable growth. The platform’s highly tailored nature makes it an ideal solution for the iGaming sector, helping businesses to remain competitive and reach their maximum potential through the power of gamification and automated marketing.


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