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How to Implement Game Marketing in your Company?

How to Implement Game Marketing in your Company? - Smartico

Have you ever wondered about how to implement game marketing for your company? In many cases, it can seem a little difficult to find the most effective solutions and opportunities for your business growth and efficiency. However, there are several options you could consider in this regard; gamification and game marketing are just two of these.

But what are the benefits of game marketing for your company, and how could you go about implementing this to drive superior marketing results? This may not always be an easy question to address, but today, we’re looking at some of the key things you should know to help make your game marketing efforts a little more successful.


The Value of Gamification


Before we look any further, we should first start by outlining the main value of gamification. Gamification is a process by which standard activities are transformed into a “game” or “challenge,” thereby incentivizing users to keep playing. This drastically increases engagement with your brand, helping increase attention and focus and – from a marketing perspective – hopefully translating into superior sales and conversions.

In the modern-day, gamification is becoming more important than ever. Many users are becoming tired of seeing the same dull and drab adverts and are even attuned to ignoring them in some cases. Think back to this yourself: when was the last time you genuinely took notice of and remembered a banner advert on a website? Often, it’s likely to be at least a few days ago.

Still, gamification helps overcome this challenge. Providing a positive user experience helps ensure viewers are engaging with your marketing campaigns, significantly increasing the chances of conversion. You don’t necessarily need to be a game developer to implement this; any business model with the right approach can implement gamification and game marketing techniques.

How to Implement Game Marketing in Your Company


At this point, we’ve outlined the main value of gamification, but we’re still to address how to implement game marketing for your company. This will inevitably depend, to a degree, on the type of company you are and the products you offer. However, a simple approach could include the following steps.


#1 Identify Your Target Market


The most crucial first aspect of any marketing campaign including a gamification campaign is identifying your target market. The importance of this step is pretty clear to understand; for example, if you were trying to sell a cuddly toy to a little girl, she’d likely expect to see a very different game structure than an older user looking to buy a new tool for around the house! Therefore, make sure you’ve identified your target market first ideally with customer personas to help “bring them to life.” 


#2 Create a Gamification Structure


Once you’ve identified your market, you can begin thinking about the structure for your gamification efforts. There are countless ways you can go about this; you could create a full gameplay experience, or a simpler points/badges/missions system might be suitable.

Again, this will depend on who you are targeting and your aims for engagement with the game marketing; for example, if you only plan for the marketing game to last for a few minutes to hook the audience’s attention, a full “missions” structure will be less effective.


#3 Create the Game Model


Once you’ve got your game in mind, it’s time to create the code and begin rolling out the game itself. This is where most businesses will need outside support, at minimum, unless you happen to have a coding expert on your IT team. Hence, if you need advice in this regard, be sure to reach out to professional gamification teams such as ours here at Smartico AI to help create your game and bring it to life.


#4 Trial the Gamification


Just because a game sounded good doesn’t mean it’ll be all that great when it’s launched. With this in mind, be sure to trial your gamification efforts extensively with unbiased participants from your target market first. A weak game marketing experience can significantly damage your business’s reputation, so this is well worth considering.


#5 Roll Out Gamification to your Audience


Once you’re confident that your created game runs smoothly and is engaging, you can look at rolling it out to begin marketing your product! This can significantly help increase brand awareness and distinguish your business from its competitors, so try to ensure that you’ve got as much exposure as possible for your model.


Final Thoughts


There’s so much to love about game marketing. However, to get the most from it, you nevertheless need to start with an engaging and enjoyable gamification model. As such, learning how to implement game marketing for your company may not be quite as straightforward in reality as it can seem in practice. Fortunately, this doesn’t have to be the case.

If you’d like to learn more about the value that gamification could drive for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact our experts here at Smartico. We’re proud to deliver some of the most effective gamification and AI-based solutions to entertain your viewers and boost revenue overall. So, be sure to request your demo today or contact us to see how our three-step solution can help deliver dynamic, real-time experiences.


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