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Gamification In Project Management

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Project management is a complex business process that requires excellent management, planning, and organizational skills. By successfully implementing project management, businesses can reach their targets in a time and cost-efficient manner, while making the best possible use of resources.


In this article, we’ll discuss why it’s beneficial to bring gamification processes into project management.


Why use gamification in project management

Gamification is a natural complement to every aspect of project management. Here’s a list of good reasons to integrate gamification into your project management strategy.


Increase productivity

Low or intermittent productivity can result in missed project deadlines, unhappy clients, and going over budget. Although there are many reasons behind productivity issues, low engagement and boredom are some of the most common.


Here, it’s useful to note that boredom in the workplace doesn’t necessarily happen because employees have nothing to do, but rather because they have nothing interesting or meaningful to do.


Gamifying tasks can bring an element of healthy competition to the workplace and give staff a reason to achieve more and beat their personal records. Gamification will also lead to better engagement.

Increase motivation

One of the basic principles of gamification is setting tasks with the right level of complexity (i.e. not too easy and not too difficult). This, coupled with gamification strategies like leaderboards or time-dependent rewards, can help instill a sense of ownership and intrinsic motivation in staff.


In turn, this can counter poor accountability, one of the most common challenges in project management.


Increase employees loyalty

When the workplace and everyday tasks tap into your staff’s sense of curiosity and excitement, they are likelier to stay in their roles instead of going to work for a competitor.


A gamified work environment provides personalized challenges, recognition, and timely feedback, as well as opportunities for progress. This can create a higher level of identification between employees and the company’s mission, increasing commitment and loyalty to the company.


Improved collaboration

Gamification involves group challenges or “missions” where employees learn to work as a highly functional team. This is critical in project management due to the complexity involved in getting different teams or departments to be (and remain) on the same page.


Using the right gamification tools and techniques can help teams focus on working together instead of against each other, and can also enable better communication.


Smarter project management with Smartico

To make your project management more agile and effective, consider using a state-of-the-art software solution like Smartico. Our gamification platform relies on advanced technologies like automation and artificial intelligence to captivate the attention of users and turn every business process into an engaging experience.


Our team of experts can guide you through the process of gamifying project management so that you achieve your goals consistently and more efficiently. We’ll also help you set up a software solution that brings the principles of gamification (engagement, rewards, progress, and feedback) into perfect alignment with your goals.


Visit our site or contact us to discover how our tools and strategies can deliver exceptional results and put you ahead of the rest in your industry sector.


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