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Learn more about gamification in Singapore

Learn more about gamification in Singapore -

In this article, we’ll be looking at gamification in Singapore and how you can use it to attract more customers and motivate your employees.


What is gamification in Singapore?

Gamification in Singapore is a process of applying game design elements to non-game contexts. When you hear the word “gamification”, what immediately comes to mind? For many people, this may mean playing games in their free time. But gamification can be used for many other things than just video games or board games. 

Gamification can be used in a lot of sectors:

Gamification in social media

Gamification in blockchain and NFT

Gamification in e-learning and education

Gamification in HR

Gamification in call centers

Gamification in finance and banking

Gamification in SaaS


Many other sectors use gamification! If you want to know more, our blog is for you! (

List of all the benefits of gamification in Singapore 

1. Increased confidence

One of the most important benefits of gamification in Singapore is increased confidence.

Gamification can help you to overcome your fears by encouraging you to try new things and gain valuable experience, which in turn makes you more confident about tackling situations that may have previously scared or intimidated you.

Gamification can also help improve your self-esteem by showing you that with practice and perseverance, you will be able to achieve great things. It teaches us that we should never give up on our goals because they are achievable if we put in enough effort.

2. Improved focus

Gamification in Singapore can help you focus on the task at hand.

Gamification has been proven to be a great tool when it comes to improving productivity and focus. Gamification is an effective way of helping people stay focused on their tasks, especially if they are repetitive or monotonous. For example, The data entry workers who have to enter the same Excel sheet into their database every day will find it easier and more fun if the task is gamified with badges and leaderboards that track their performance against other employees within the company.

3. Improved memory and cognitive skills

You might be thinking that it’s impossible to improve memory and cognitive skills just by playing games, but gamification can help you do just that. The reason why is that games are designed in such a way that they provide challenges and obstacles for players to overcome. By overcoming these challenges and obstacles, the brain becomes exposed to many different types of information which result in improved memory, creative thinking skills, and problem-solving abilities.

Gamification in Singapore benefits everyone who uses a product or service with a game-like design because it will continue helping them throughout their lives as they need various types of information processed to complete tasks effectively.

4. Enhanced problem-solving skills

Problem-solving skills are essential to success in the workplace, as well as in your personal life. With gamification, you can develop these skills and improve them by getting more out of your games. For example, if you’re playing a trivia game and get stuck on one question, you can use the hints provided to help you find the correct answer faster. As with any skill or talent, practice makes perfect!

In addition to improving problem-solving abilities in general, gamification can also improve specific aspects of problem-solving such as logical reasoning skills (problem decomposition), abstract thinking (pattern matching), risk analysis/identification/assessment (scenario planning), etc…

There are a lot of benefits of gamification in Singapore!

There’s a lot of evidence that shows how gamification can benefit people. It can help them develop skills that are important for their future and give them confidence in themselves.

Which big companies are using gamification?


Google is one of the biggest names in tech, and it’s no surprise that Google has been using gamification for a long time. One of its most successful apps was Inbox, which used a series of challenges to encourage users to use the app more often and connect with their friends on other platforms. It also had a feature that allowed users to add reminders to their calendars, helping them stay organized and on top of their tasks.


You may have heard of Paypal. It’s a popular online payment system that allows users to send and receive money, track payments, and make it easy to pay bills through its website or mobile app.

Paypal offers special bonuses for signing up, such as a $5 sign-up bonus and special discounts you can take advantage of when you use the service.

It also has a leaderboard where users are ranked according to how much they’ve sent or received through Paypal (the more they use it, the higher they’re ranked), which encourages them to spend more time using their account so that they can move up in rank on the leaderboard.

And finally, Paypal has launched a rewards program for customers who spend money through the service; this program allows people who spend at least $30 per month with Paypal to earn points toward earning rewards like gift cards or travel coupons from other retailers and services such as Uber and Airbnb.


Nike is one of the most famous brands in the world, known for its high-quality athletic shoes and apparel. They also have a large presence in the world of sports, with sponsorships with many athletes and teams including NBA players like Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, and Derrick Rose.

Nike has a gamification app called Nike+ FuelBand that can be used to track your physical activity throughout the day. It tracks your steps are taken per minute as well as calories burned. Your goal is to reach daily milestones that are set by you or by Nike+ FuelBand itself based on your personal goals and fitness level (if you’re new to exercising). The app motivates users by rewarding them with points when they reach these milestones – these points can be used toward buying new gear through Nike+.

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