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Engage 360

Smartico’s Engage360 is an orchestrated full-suite of Marketing tools for your Real-Time and Scheudled journeys.With the most advanced tools in the market to market your product, analyze your users’ behavior and act based on it in real time when needed.

“During demo, we always say Smartico is like the Ferrari of the CRM Automation platforms.
In the wrong hands you will crush it in the parking lot.”

Yuval.M , Co-Founder

The cornerstones of Smartico Engage360

  • Omni-Channel Orchestrated Real-Time & Schedule Campaigns​

    Event driven journeys or Scheduled and iterating campaigns can be easily created with an intuitive interface in the backoffice with different entry modes and activity types.

  • Campaign Control Groups

    Even if some believe it to be dispensable, using a Control group is necessary for marketers to measure the success of a relevant campaign and analyze the effectiveness against the users in control group vs those in your experimental group. Control group users will not receive any communication whatsoever as part of the campaign, but will still be under the rules of conversion for the measurement of the campaigns KPIs.

  • Marketing Calendar - overview of scheduled campaigns

    Show all your scheduled campaigns in a daily or monthly calendar, with overall stats with the possibility of filtering by channels used in the campaigns or keywords describing them. If you have a lot going on, there is no other way to quickly find the relevant scheduled campaigns by marking them by topic! 

  • A/B/X Testing

    Every communication can be sent in different forms and variations for the different states of the users (VIP gets one variation while a regular user gets another), but our advanced A/B/X testing tool will allow you to send completely different template of the communication asset to the user and let Smartico choose the winner after a preconfigured amount of engagements.

  • Visual drag & drop Journey Editor with live data split preview

    Controlling what will happen in the campaign is fairly easy using our Drag & Drop Flow Builder. Easily drop any action on to the canvas and connect it from any exit point to the next action or step you want the user to go through in your journey. With our live view, you can check how many users are in each step of the flow you've built and their progress within the journey.

  • Cannibalization protection

    Smartico offers advanced capping tools per communication channel, and campaign types. Global or User based caps can be configured for Marketing campaigns such as promotions, or highly sensitive spam oriented content, and operational campaigns such as notifications on deposits/withdrawals which are frequent and should be more deliverable while ignoring the limits of engagement.

  • Reverse integration to the client Player Account Management (PAM)

    Every communication that leaves Smartico, Email, SMS, Push Notification or Popup, will be reported to the client's PAM and will be registered as a comment/correspondence or any other way relevant for the platform, to keep the customer support agents in the loop of all offerings sent our to your users. The communication will be presented via a link, to the same creative the user received, in the exact same way he saw it.

  • DoNotDisturb sending mode

    Limit interruptions to your users by enabling a DnD period for every channel (Email, SMS, Push Notification, IVR). Do Not Disturb hours/days are then used during in-journey communications and are configured in the user's time-zone. If chosen to be considered, a communication such as Email or SMS can wait for the user when becomes available again (e.g. SMS that should go out at 3:00AM in the user's time-zone will wait for 9:00AM to be sent out) 

  • Links shortening

    Using any domain provided by the client, every link in every communication will be shortened automatically and tracked individually and uniquely. Each communication will contain a different URL which will be unique to that user and never repeated again.

  • Campaign Session

    Personalisation has never been easier and smarter. Use campaign session variables and campaign tags to personalise an offer in a generic template which will be unique for every campaign.

  • Automated Rules

    Simple way to make complex actions on simple events, like giving X points on Y amount of deposits or bets, or giving a specific bonus on every deposit with a specific payment method or amount.

  • Cross Brand Planner

    Brand Cross-selling is the practice of increasing sales by promoting related brand alongside the ones a customer is already engaged with. You can now run your cross-sell campaigns easily, automatically and smartly, waiting for registration and deposit events in the new brand, getting real time conversion statistics and sending the users to their next journey afterwards.

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