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Smartico Bird View 360

Smartico’s unified user profile enables you to capture all the user data in one place, perform actions, and analyse and predict user’s behaviour.

Smartico’s Bird View 360 transforms your users from being data on your screen to entities that you can understand and connect with. This feature allows you to deepen the connection with customers, taking their experience to the next level.

“A user profile is a collection of settings and information associated with a user. It contains critical information that is used to identify an individual, such as their name, age and individual characteristics such as knowledge or expertise.” – Wikipedia

We took it to the next level.

Connect with your users in their preferred channel

It’s not just about how, but where. Connect with your users on their preferred channels through BV360 which allows you to send personalised communications to your customers based on their activities. BV360 picks up on their activities across their different journeys, allowing you to send a tailored message when, and where, it means the most.
Get the timing just right and send a message based off their needs and yours.

Mark users as “Test”, update “User Markers”, and perform other actions.

Where is the user engaged?

Delve deeper into the user journeys and get a clear picture on all the Journeys that are currently engaging them. user, and all the historic ones, and their attribution values. Identify key touchpoints for your users based on current engagements, attribution values and historic patterns.
From the BV360 you can also halt an ongoing Journey for a specific user at any time.

All Gamification activities in one place

See all Missions, Levels, Tournaments, and other Gamification mechanics with the BV360 where you can truly see it all Gain a more rounded view of customer habits, not just in real-time but how they develop.
Get a list of all currently available and unlocked Missions in the context of the user, and get a view on how they see our Gamification widget.
Give Missions manually, adjust the user’s points, monitor their Marketplace and Bonus activity.

How is the user engaged?

So, we’ve talked about the where. But what about the how?

All the omni-channel communications with the users are logged and kept in the way the users themselves see it (all personalisation and optimisation is populated). It can be accessed from the Journey tab or directly from the BV360 in the context of that user.

See all clicks, opt outs, impressions, and analyse the behaviour.


Smartico collects the user Opt-In & Out statuses from both your platform and ours.

You can override all statuses from the BV360, and update the users with a new status.

My brands

As part of our Multi-Brand set-up, based on any attribute you deem to be relevant (i.e. email, username, phone number…) our BV360 will list all brands related to the user, which opens up the opportunity for you to cross-sell.

All related accounts will be shown in our user profile under “Crossed brands” for your convenience.

AI Best Communication Time

Smartico AI modules in the context of the player, predicting the best time for communicating with your user, presented as a heat map- like black text on white paper.

Use it wisely!

Your privacy is our priority!

Smartico does not have any access to your users PII.
Given that, the presentation of the user’s communication details will always be encrypted in both BV360 and our Databases.

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