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Audience Segmentation

Create dynamic customer segments of all sizes based on geographic, demographic and behavioural attributes. Use segments together with advanced AI tools to target your audience in the best and optimised possible way.

Real-Time Segmentation is the core component required for targeting the right audience at the right time and dividing your target market consisting of existing and potential users into sub-groups.

Live Real-Time segments

Create dynamic customer segments of all sizes based on geographic, demographic and behavioral attributes. The system will help you target your marketing campaigns in a way that perfectly matches the users expectations and preferences.

Imported segments

You already have your internally developed custom segments?
You want to manually create a segment of specific users by their ID or any other attribute?
In this case they can easily be incorporated into Smartico with a quick import process of a CSV created by you and uploaded from our Backoffice.

Export your segment

With 1 click of a button you can easily extract any segment to a CSV, picking column names to show in your file with any user attribute available – For reporting or other purposes the raw data of all segments can also be exported

Historical segments

When there is a need to get more information from external data sources on demand and under control of the operator, the operator has the possibility to connect its own data source and use SQL language to query and build custom segments periodically.

Segments based on external data source querying



Behavior Based

Traffic Srouce


Event Driven

External List

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