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Best iGaming CRM?

Updated on May 12, 2022
Best iGaming CRM? - Smartico

An Igaming CRM may be required to integrate with marketing and accounting systems and back-office legacy systems. It may also support social media communications and multiple locations. It may be preferable for casino management to have a centralized dashboard with regular reports. There are several types of CRM available, each with different features. Listed below are three common types of CRMs. For a better understanding of each type, read on.


Known for its customer support capabilities, smartico.ai has gained a reputation for providing excellent service to its white label casino customers. Their customer support agents are available to assist customers with various questions related to gaming. These agents specialize in helping clients resolve deposits, bonus issues, withdrawal queries, and technical difficulties. They are available 24/7 in both English and Spanish and can assist in any time zone.

Whether you’re looking to increase player engagement and retention rates, this iGaming CRM solution is the right choice for you. The platform features a comprehensive operational overview, full control over gaming content, and multi-currency payment processing. In addition to its advanced features, smartico.ai CRM supports localization. You can even customize the solution to your specifications. The benefits of using smartico.ai CRM can’t be overstated.

GaminGenius(tm) Real-time CRM

GaminGenius(tm) is a highly intuitive CRM system that uses real-time player event data to feed a knowledge base. The platform is purpose-built for the iGaming industry and is available as a stand-alone service or as part of a complete turnkey platform solution. GaminGenius(tm) is an award-winning CRM solution for online gaming operators.


Gamanza’s comprehensive Bonus Engine, for example, helps marketing teams customize bonus offers for players. It is customizable to fit third-party platforms and can solve legacy system issues. Gamanza’s proprietary Data Vault helps operators manage customer data and report to regulatory bodies. Gamanza configures and hosts the Data Vault according to local regulations. Gamanza’s Data Vault is available as a standalone service or can be integrated with the GamGenius(tm) Platform.


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