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Implementing Brand Gamification Software

Implementing Brand Gamification Software - Smartico

Would you like to give your brand a boost with a modern and engaging strategy? If that is the case, gamification is the way to go.

The process of gamification is what happens when you apply any form of game mechanics to a context unrelated to games. Business ventures are generally not associated with gaming in any way unless they relate to that industry.

The problem with this is that any business that is not gamifying its user experience is already losing the competitive race. This is causing many ventures to lose customers and it makes it harder for their brand to grow stronger.  

Gamification is now a worldwide phenomenon

From large fortune 500 companies to small business ventures, every industry is now making use of brand gamification software. Moreover, this strategy works for both customers and employees.

A great aspect of gamification is that it produces very insightful data and it is essential for any organization. In addition, big data can be analysed to ensure that the venture is evolving properly. This is essential for the survival of any business in 2022 and beyond.

Some forms of gamification include:

  • Incentives
  • Score leader boards 
  • Badges
  • Tournaments
  • Missions
  • Levels

Taking advantage of our competitive nature 

Human beings are competitive by nature and that is not a bad thing at all. Competitive behavior is a key element of our evolution and it is a great thing when properly chanelled. 

The beauty of brand gamification software is that it displays your brand name, colors, and logo. This helps you gain exposure within the context of entertaining activity. Something like the creation of a quick memory game that flips cards that have your logo on them. 

The highest scores in the memory game can obtain special discounts or privileges for the user. As a result, brand exposure and awareness grow stronger with each gamified experienced.

Smartico is changing the way you build your brand through gamification

Smartico has a real-time gamification solution that makes use of extremely powerful AI to engage your audience. The goal is to maximize customer value and give your brand an engagement boost that is unlike anything else.

Engage, motivate, add value, and build loyalty!


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