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How Does Gamification in Sales Benefit Businesses?

How Does Gamification in Sales Benefit Businesses? - Smartico

At Smartico, our gamification products have a wide range of uses that help to build customer retention, engagement, and build client loyalty. As such, they constitute extremely effective tools that support numerous marketing activities. In the context of sales teams, they can also function as powerful motivational mechanisms. In other words, any business that would like to use gamification as a means of growing its sales can do so. Read on to find out how Smartico’s tournaments, missions, and objective-setting tools can help your current sales operation to succeed.


Motivate Your Sales Team

If you think about the sales process, it can often be broken down into a series of discrete procedures that sales representatives have to go through. Collectively referred to as a pipeline, much of the initial work is done identifying and making first contact with prospects. From that point, leads a qualified until expressions of interest are generated. Sales pipelines continue to flow towards the final stage which involves closing the deal. Few sales managers won’t be familiar with this concept.


However, they might not understand that each part of the process of moving leads along the pipeline towards the final goal of making a sale takes a degree of motivation. This is especially so when different people handle different parts of the process. Gamifying each part of the process helps to keep your team motivated so that the pipeline continues to flow at all times. By rewarding people with virtual currency, points, or mini-bonuses as they progress each stage in real-time, so you can motivate your sales team at every turn. After all, the more you have to flow through your sales pipeline at any point in time, the better the sales figures are likely to look at the end of the next reporting period.


Offer Personalized Rewards and Bonuses

It is important to note that not everyone has the same psychology when it comes to gamification. At Smartico, we understand this just as much with consumers as we do when using our systems to motivate sales professionals. Some people respond better to certain tasks and rewards than others. Out AI-powered tools will allow you to use gamification in the best way possible given the make-up of your sales team. Some might prefer our retail loyalty solutions while others could be better motivated by our bonus management solutions integrated into their sales dashboard. With AI driving your gamification, sales professionals will be treated as individuals and offered incentives that they genuinely respond to as they work towards their goals.


Leverage the Gamification of CRM Systems

Smartico’s cutting-edge gamification CRM technology can take your organization to the next level. Our approach will mean you can supercharge your CRM such that your digital marketing operations are more closely aligned to your sales operation. By gamifying your CRM processes using automation, customers will be motivated to do much of the work for you. As such, you can cut down on the sort of human errors that will inevitably occur from manual data input and lower your HR expenditure, too, so you can focus more closely on core sales activities.


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