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Updated on November 30, 2022

Know more about gamification in Cambodia

Know more about gamification in Cambodia -


If you are looking to learn more about gamification in Cambodia, then you have come to the right place! In this article, we will talk about its benefits. Read on to learn more by Smartico!

Learn more about gamification in Cambodia


Gamification in Cambodia is the use of game design elements in non-game contexts. The goal is to engage people’s interest and increase motivation. Gamification can be applied to a wide range of activities.

Gamification in Cambodia can be used in a lot of sectors:

Gamification in social media

Gamification in blockchain and NFT

Gamification in e-learning and education

Gamification in HR

Gamification in call centers

Gamification in finance and banking

Gamification in SaaS



Many other sectors use gamification in Cambodia! If you want to know more, our blog is for you! (

Benefits of gamification in Cambodia



The process of gamification is an interactive one. It helps the learners to learn faster and better. The interaction between the learner and the game makes learning more interesting, which increases engagement.


Gamification is a new trend in Cambodia, so some people may not understand it well. They might think it’s just about playing games all day long or that gamification is boring because they think playing video games will make them lazy. However, this is not true at all! Gamification can be used by anyone who wants to improve their skills or learn something new─from children and teenagers to adults and seniors alike!


Gamification is an interactive process:


Gamification in Cambodia is a business process that uses game thinking and game mechanics to engage people in solving problems. Gamification is an interactive process. It’s about how you can change the way people behave, by adding some gamification elements to your products or services. With Gamification, you can increase engagement, improve retention and create new business opportunities.


Gamification is a process of applying game design and game mechanics in non-game situations. It has been used for years by companies who want to motivate their employees or make buying decisions easier for consumers.




One of the reasons why gamification has been popularized is because it helps to achieve success. It’s a great way to increase motivation and it also helps people achieve their goals. When you’re trying to achieve something, some things can get in your way such as procrastination or boredom. Gamification in Cambodia is a tool that can be used as an incentive for people so they’ll work harder and do better at what they’re doing. It’s been proven that if you set goals with rewards or consequences, they will have more motivation and be more productive than those who don’t have this added incentive.


Learning through games helps learners to learn faster:


Gamification in Cambodia helps students remember the information for longer periods because it makes learning fun and interesting, thereby enabling students to apply what they have learned long after the class has ended.

Increases engagement:


With gamification, you can engage your learners in a more fun and interesting way. This makes learning more effective and it also motivates the learners to perform better.


The way gamification works is that it engages the learners in the learning process by making it interactive and fun. The benefits of gamification are that it is easy to implement, enhances motivation, and increases engagement with your content.


List of large companies that use gamification 



Walmart uses gamification to encourage employees to improve their performance, as well as to increase customer loyalty and retention. In addition to this, Walmart also uses gamification for internal employee training purposes.



Colgate uses gamification to encourage people to brush their teeth. Their app, called Colgate Smiles, is available on the App Store and allows users to track and analyze their brushing habits. The app’s game-like features include achievements and badges for good oral hygiene and timely use of flossing products.




If you love coffee, this is the place to be. Starbucks is a company that has been using gamification for years and it’s its loyalty program My Starbucks Rewards that keeps customers coming back again and again. The program lets you earn points by using their app or paying with their card and if you’re a member of the rewards program, those points can be used to buy drinks and food!



Disney is a perfect example of how gamification can be used to engage employees and promote a brand. Employees are motivated to work harder and are rewarded with badges, prizes, and points that can be used for merchandise or gift cards at the company store. Disney has used gamification as an incentive for employees to sell more tickets at their theme parks by creating leaderboards for each department that show how many tickets their team sold. This competition encourages employees to outperform each other to earn recognition within the company.

How to improve user experience with gamification in Cambodia?


Research shows that three primary motivators drive human behavior: 






This can be accomplished by:


-Solving problems, and completing challenging tasks

-Team experience and being part of a particular group of people

-Achieving goals and being rewarded

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