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Leading Companies That Use Gamification In Their Marketing Journey

Leading Companies That Use Gamification In Their Marketing Journey -

Gamification is gaining popularity. More and more companies are using gamification to build a strong customer base that continues to use their services or products. In this article, we’ll look at the top companies that use gamification in their marketing journey.

Domino’s Pizza:


To maintain the consistently high-quality standard of food and service that has made Domino’s a major player in the competitive pizza pick-up and delivery arena, the international fast food chain needed to train new employees quickly and effectively.

To resolve the problem of onboarding time, Domino’s created the Pizza Maker course, a gamification training strategy that uses simulations to engage, assess and reward employees during the learning experience. By including elements that encouraged employees to try to improve past scores, the games helped new employees master the menu sooner and make more accurate pizzas faster.



To encourage the prompt submission of employee travel expense forms, Google gamified the process. Employees who filed their travel expenses on time could choose whether to receive their leftover money in future paychecks, save it for future trips, or donate the money to a charity of their choice. Within six months of launching the gamified system, Google’s employee compliance rate reached 100 percent.




Recognizing the power of engaging its already substantial customer base to become brand advocates, Samsung launched a gamified social loyalty program called Samsung Nation. In this program, customers register their products on and automatically enter into sweepstakes for a chance to win other Samsung products. They are also rewarded for reviewing products, participating in Q&A discussions with other users, watching videos, and otherwise getting engaged in the Samsung community by being awarded badges as they progress through various levels of achievement. Since implementing Samsung Nation, Samsung has experienced a 66% increase in site visitors and a 30% increase in comments on those visitors’ posts.

Gamification plays a very important role in the marketing of companies

Understanding gamification:


Gamification is the use of game design techniques to engage users in solving problems and to make them interested in the process of solving these problems. Gamification can also be used as a way to encourage user interaction with a product or service by making it more fun and interesting. It can also be used to improve user experience and increase engagement.


Gamification is a popular trend in the marketing world, but it has been around for years. Many companies have been using gamification techniques for years, including several large brands like Nike, Starbucks, and Domino’s Pizza as we have seen above.

What are the biggest advantages to know about gamification?

The following are the benefits of gamification:


-1. Increased engagement


-2. Improved performance


-3. Motivation


-4. Learning and development


-5. Innovation and creativity


-6. Teamwork and collaboration

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