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What are the best Gamification Elements you should add to your company's website?

What are the best Gamification Elements you should add to your company's website? - Smartico

If you want to make your website stand out, then using modern gamification techniques can be a great place to start. What matters when you do this, though?  


Today, it is common for businesses that want to take the next step to improvement to focus on their website development. Building a website is one of the most important marketing tools that you have today. At the same time, though, some features are more important than others. Today, you need to find ways to keep people on your website and coming back for more in the future. And to do that, you need to focus on features like gamification.

Gamification is the idea of adding a competitive or entertainment-based element to your website. For example, tools like rewards programs points tallies, and scores can be a great way to keep people coming back to your website for more information. Companies like Smartico make it very easy for website developers to add gamification elements to their websites.

What, though, are the best gamification elements you should add to your company’s website? What works most typically?


The best gamification elements to focus on for your website


Achievement Programs


If your website has a heady mix of commercial opportunity and content to read, you should use gamification to inspire more interaction. For every article someone reads from start to finish, you could award them some form of reward points program. This then goes towards their score, and they can use that score to net discounts, deals, and other promotions.

This encourages engagement without making it feel forced.


Hidden Discoveries


Some sites today are using a gamification process of essentially hiding elements within the website. For example, you could have little hidden icons baked into the website’s design. This means that people who come across them and click on them are rewarded points. These points can be, like the above, used to buy into rewards and pick up promotions.

Again, it simply encourages people to stay on your website and look beyond the basic feature they require.


Completion Ranks


If you use any kind of social media platform today, you will notice that they encourage you to complete your profile. This includes little percentage wheels and tick boxes that need to be dealt with if the user wants a complete profile.

You could do the same, encouraging users to build out their profiles because it can improve their chances of getting something back in return. Show the benefits of a full profile, and people are encouraged to contribute.


Missions and Daily Tasks


You could also set up something along the lines of a daily range of tasks that users could use. For example, it could be something like ‘read one article, ‘view five products’, or something along these lines. This allows people to then get some little incentives and points on their account reward program simply by browsing around and looking a little bit more at all of the information on-site. It incentivizes people to go beyond where they thought they would be looking on your platform.


Badges and Levels


The more someone uses your site or the more they read content or buy products, etc. the more they should be rewarded. This is something we feel is very important. Badges and levels go a long, long way to making sure you can convince people to come back for more. It also means that if you have a community interaction people can show off their badges, giving more authority into the insights and details that they bring to the table.


Looking to build a gamification process on your website? Then all of the above – and more – can be developed using Smartico. This platform makes it easy to use gamification to the benefit of your business and can play a massive role in adding more interactions to improve how long visitors stick around each visit. Over time, this fosters loyalty, community, and a desire to keep coming back for more. Can you see why that might be useful to your business? If so, check out Smartico for yourself. 


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