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How to Use Video Games and Gamification to Advertise a Product?

How to Use Video Games and Gamification to Advertise a Product? - Smartico

Consider the extreme engagement of video gamers, eyes glued to the display, barely blinking. Then imagine the disinterest and weariness of a person watching an unskippable YouTube advertisement. But what if we engaged our target audience as Sega and Nintendo do with gamers? By combining the two, marketers may harness the amount of interest and investment of a “gamer” and incorporate it into their advertising.

Marketing is no longer limited to convincing prospective customers to purchase. You ought to make consumers feel linked to your brand through a desire to purchase, a favorable brand image, or a sense of brand loyalty. This can be accomplished through interactive marketing material, and gamification is one of the most effective techniques to deploy.

Games and non-video game marketing may appear unusual, but they are a perfect match. Visitors who interact with their favorite brands have a good time, and businesses increase customer engagement.

But how do you go about it? Not to worry, Smartico is here to do all the heavy lifting for you. We’re accredited in offering smart gamification services for all your marketing needs.

What is Gamification in Marketing?

Gamification incorporates gaming elements like competition, ranking lists, rewards, and scoring systems into online marketing techniques. The ultimate objective of gamification is to engage a brand’s customers deeply.

Smartico’s qualities of gamification make it easier for businesses to attract customers to a brand with the primary goal of fostering brand loyalty, establishing long-term relationships, and providing them with a cause to return to the company to purchase goods and services.


Smartico’s leaderboards are an excellent method of rewarding gamers participating in a gamification challenge as they depict a player’s position compared to other competitors. This generates a strong sense of competitiveness and challenge, compelling the player to advance in rank. Consequently, the customers maintain interest in the respective game.


Our tournaments enable you to offer highly focused competitions to your players by allowing only the operator to specify the qualification rules.


Smartico’s digital badges are an additional gamification feature you can integrate into your marketing. Customers view earning a badge as an achievement, so they will work harder to obtain as many badges as possible. Customers will engage more with your product to unlock and earn new levels. Badges are, therefore, motivational tools that urge customers to spend more time with your business.


Our retention mini-games are short-burst game engines that establish engagements with your players, allowing them to break out of their usual playtime for a new challenge with the chance to earn prizes.


The Smartico in-widget Marketplace enables your customers to redeem points gained during the Gamification interaction for virtual products, such as Free Spins, or tangible items, such as Amazon gift cards.


Levels are the foundation of an effective gamification system. Your players will earn points by completing tasks, winning tournaments, or engaging in any other gaming or financial activity to unlock new levels and content.


The concept of gamification is progressively being incorporated into the marketing strategies of numerous brands across industries. It has been demonstrated to engage customers and encourage them to return increasing customer loyalty. Aggressive marketing and advertising might be off-putting to potential customers; thus, game-based marketing strategies are a great way to acquire new clients while strengthening existing relationships.

Smartico has successfully implemented hundreds of projects that help brands increase purchases and boost sales. Schedule a demo with our knowledgeable staff to learn how to incorporate gamification into your next ad.


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