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The Use of Gamification in E-Commerce: Increasing Conversions Through Play


Gamification is an entertaining approach many established Е-Commerce brands use to engage and retain customers. This creative technique can solve common yet daunting marketing dilemmas but requires careful execution and the right tools. If you’re interested in introducing Gamification to your online store, there are several factors you should consider. 

Several techniques can help you engage with your customers and drive sales, and in this article, we’ll explore the most efficient ones.  

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What is Gamification in E-Commerce?

What is Gamification in E-Commerce? - Smartico

Gamification involves the use of gaming and video gaming tactics in commercial processes, such as product sales in E-Commerce or physical stores. With decreasing attention spans among users, Gamification has become an effective strategy for brands and retailers to capture consumers’ interest. 

By turning the mundane activity of product browsing or purchasing into a game, brands can make it more interesting and engaging for consumers. Studies have shown that 60% of consumers are more likely to purchase from a brand that offers an appealing game. 

Gamification reinforces brand strategies by encouraging consumers to stay engaged over time and providing a psychological reward that can also result in real benefits. 

Why Your Business May Be Struggling To Get People’s Attention

Why Your Business May Be Struggling To Get People's Attention - Smartico

Marketing in the modern era can sometimes have its flaws. Many product promotions can seem too pushy and forced, which can be a costly mistake. What may seem like persistence to a marketer can come off as false and insincere to the customer?

Moreover, with the abundance of choices available to consumers online, there’s a paradox of choice. Customers are overloaded with information, and this can make decision-making harder. Gamification can be used as a potent strategy to engage and help customers, as well as simplify the decision-making process. 

Benefits Of Gamifying Your E-Commerce Business

Benefits Of Gamifying Your E-Commerce Business - Smartico

Gamification has numerous benefits for E-Commerce when used the right way, including the following:

  • Decreases abandoning rate: Gamification in checkout makes it more user-friendly and can result in more successful sales.
  • Encourages repeat customers: By collecting customer data and engaging them in fun activities, customers are more likely to remain interested and loyal.
  • Attracts new segments: Gamification appeals to younger audiences and can introduce your brand to new customers.
  • Boosts online visibility: Gamification activities are often shared on social media, providing greater promotion and impact for your brand.  

How To Use Gamification in E-Commerce

How To Use Gamification in E-Commerce - Smartico

If you’re excited about implementing Gamification in your e-commerce strategy, it’s important to understand how to do it effectively. Here are some key considerations:

Know Your Audience

Before you start gamifying your E-Commerce business, take the time to understand your target audience. This will help you choose the types of games and rewards that will be most appealing to them. Keep in mind that different age groups and demographics may have different preferences and interests.

Set Clear Goals

To make the most of Gamification, it’s important to define your goals upfront. What are you hoping to achieve through your game? Common goals include increasing sales, boosting engagement, generating leads, and educating customers about your products. By having a clear goal in mind, you can design a game that’s tailored to your specific needs.

Include Key Elements

Three key elements are essential for any successful e-commerce game:

  • Trigger: You need to incentivize your customers to participate in your game. This could be through offering points, tokens, or other rewards for playing.
  • Investment or effort: Your game should require a moderate amount of time and effort from your customers. The goal is to make it fun and engaging, not frustrating or time-consuming.
  • Reward: A meaningful and valuable reward should be offered to customers who complete the game. This could be a discount, free shipping, or free products. Make sure the reward is commensurate with the time and effort invested in playing.

Choose the Right Game

Several types of games can be used for e-commerce gamification. Some popular options include:

  • Contests: Ask questions about your products and offer gifts to winners.
  • Scratch coupons: Allow customers to scratch a digital coupon for a chance to win a discount or promo code.
  • Slogan competition: Encourage customers to come up with creative slogans for your brand and offer a reward to the best entry.

By following these tips, you can create a successful E-Commerce gamification strategy that engages customers and drives sales.

Gamification Techniques for E-Commerce

Gamification Techniques for E-Commerce - Smartico

Here are 6 proven techniques of Gamification in E-Commerce:

1. Point System for Club Members

Customers earn points for joining a club, shopping, and browsing products. These points can be used as digital credits for shopping, and customers can earn more points by completing additional tasks.

2. Refer and Win Awards

Customers earn points for referring someone to the online store. Bringing a friend to the store can earn customers points, and there are additional rewards for leaving comments or reviews.

3. Scratch and Win and Roulette

These games offer prizes like discounts, coins, and freebies, encouraging customers to buy more.

4. Egg Hunt

Customers search for clues on the website or social media page, and the first to post the answer wins a prize. This game appeals to competitive consumers but may not be suitable for those with limited time or patience.

5. Q&A

A quiz-type game with different answers, including photos, videos, or sharing a message mentioning the brand sponsor. This game appeals to social media-savvy consumers who enjoy posting content.

6. In-House Game

E-Commerce companies can create gaming apps like board games, shooting games, or strategy games. Customers can earn rewards for scoring or reaching certain levels.

Final Words

Final Words - Smartico

Gamification has been around for a while, but it has gained immense popularity in the E-Commerce industry due to advancements in technology. If you were hesitant about incorporating Gamification into your marketing and promotional campaigns, now might be the time to give it a try.

Gamification offers online businesses the opportunity to interact with their customers engagingly and enjoyably. The key is to create an interactive experience that appeals to all customers, regardless of their preferences.

Fortunately, Gamification doesn’t have to be a costly venture. You can start with a simple spin-to-win popup campaign that encourages users to explore and uncover hidden features on your platform. By incorporating visually appealing animations, surprises, and rewards, you can engage your customers in a way they will love.

Start small and research different e-commerce websites to come up with a plan that suits your needs. E-Commerce Gamification can be an indispensable tool for any business that wants to create engaging customer experiences. – Your One-Stop Gamification/CRM Automation Solution

When it comes to Gamification, is a trusted and globally recognized leader in the field. And while it has a tight focus on the iGaming, Casino, and Sports Betting industries, can be integrated with and help any business reach new levels of success. is a leader in providing state-of-the-art Gamification and CRM automation software solutions. Its CRM tool combines player analytics data with machine-learning algorithms to help businesses of various industries gain a deeper understanding of people and their needs while also providing valuable data insights to ensure retention, loyalty, and much more. – Your One-Stop Gamification/CRM Automation Solution

As a leading Gamification & CRM Automation solution, Smartico offers the following:

  • Various intuitive challenges and gaming techniques.

  • High-value incentives that encourage long-term loyalty and retention, elevate player value, strengthen engagement, and boost user acquisition.

  • Multi-Currency/Language/Deep Brand Support.

  • Missions – Engage players with fun real-time solo or multiplayer tasks.

  • Points – Encourage players to keep coming back through point-based incentives and unlockables.

  • Badges – Stand out from the rest with sleek badges and earn free spins for each earned badge.

  • Levels – Players gain experience and special perks after each successful level or tournament completion.

  • Incentives – Motivate players to come back for more with unique rewards and bonuses.

  • Marketplace – Players can actualize their points by cashing them in for free game spins or other awards, such as online shopping vouchers.

  • Minigames – Players can reset their senses through short, award-earning games.

  • Tournaments – Set your own qualification rules and offer your customers a powerful endorphin rush with Smartico’s special tournament system.

  • Leaderboards – Set daily, weekly, and monthly prizes and watch your user engagement skyrocket.

  • Bonus Engine Integration – Cash bonuses, free spin bonuses, and more.

And that’s just a small sample of what’s on offer.

No matter what kind of Gamification solutions you may be interested in, can help you meet your short and long-term goals by supplying the solutions needed to bring customer engagement and employee/learner motivation to a whole new level. 

To start building a more successful business through Gamification, join the winners club and book your free demo today at: 

The team wishes you the best of luck on your business journey forward. 


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