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The Loyalty Wheel

Managing customer relationships is dependent on having desirable, loyal customers within chosen segments. With well-conceived relationship marketing strategies, you can both build and maintain customer loyalty with less of the hassle. Learn more about Smartico’s loyalty marketing strategies here.

Unusual, entertaining gamification elements will significantly increase curiosity and interest in your brand, and encourage your users to try their luck over and over. People love gaming, so use gamification as often as possible to engage with your customers.

Spin the Wheel on registration can boost your conversion rate by 5% – 20%, which is almost three times better than a standard landing page or popups.
By implementing Gamification mechanics for customer retention techniques, you get in a win-win situation:


Provide more value to your customers and increase their engagement when interacting with your brand


Acquire organic brand ambassadors and repeat purchases



Maximize your revenue from current customers

Multi choice Spin cost

Set the price for each attempt to Spin the Wheel including but not limited to Gamification points, free of charge.

Flexible Prizes

  • Fully customized prize pool structure and prize assignments to the sectors of the wheel.
  • Bonuses, Gamification Points, Tangible items, or Spin attempts in the same or another wheel.
  • Control the stock availability for every prize, and our system will automatically calculate the probability in real-time based on the new stock availability  after each win/loss.

Fully customizable number of slices in the Wheel.

Stand-alone mode

The game can run as a module in the Gamification widget or as a Stand-alone shown to the user according to the rules set by the operator.

Segment your audience

Games’ availability can be controlled using “user segments”, e.g., a wheel with highly valuable prizes can be available for only VIP levels or limited to a specific country, brand, player class, user balance, etc.

All of Smartico’s dynamic audience segmentation possibilities can be used to control the games’ availability.

Play it anonymously!

Use the wheel in your acquisition process.
Let your anonymous visitor try their luck spinning your different Welcome Bonus offers, and upon registration, the user we will automatically get his reward.

Multi Skin

Our wheel comes in different styles and colours! Fully customised skins can be provided by the operator and implemented by us.


Names and descriptions of the prizes can be translated to any language used by the operator.

Responsive design

The wheel is designed to work on any type of device: mobile, desktop browser and native applications.

Smartico Loyalty Wheel is a must-have tool for your collection of Loyalty Suite mechanics. And we are not afraid to say it.

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