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Psychology of Gamification

Psychology of gamification - Smartico

Gamification is one of the most powerful tools for changing people’s behavior. It has been proven effective in nearly every sector, from healthcare to education to business. However, gamification isn’t a magic wand that you can wave over your product or service and suddenly it will become instantly compelling for customers. Instead, successful gamification requires an understanding of the psychology behind why people interact with games in the first place and how those same principles can be applied effectively outside of games.

Understanding gamification?

Gamification is the use of game elements in non-game contexts to engage users and solve problems. It can be used to motivate people to take action, or it can be used to make tedious tasks more fun, or both! Gamification has been shown to increase motivation and engagement, which can help improve performance and encourage behaviors that are good for people’s health.

Benefits of gamification to your business

What are the psychological principles of gamification?

  • Reward. The reward system is one of the most important psychological incentives to engage with gamification. It’s a way to create positive feelings in people and make them want to continue playing a game or performing certain behaviors.


  • Compulsion. We often talk about compulsion as negative, but it can also be used as a positive force when applied correctly. For example, if you’re trying to get someone healthy and into shape, compulsion could be used to motivate them by providing milestones for the completion of tasks or goals that they want to accomplish over time (e.g., losing weight).


  • Social interaction and collaboration are also key principles when it comes down to designing effective gamification strategies because they help bring together individuals who share similar interests and goals within their community or organization which ultimately helps increase productivity among employees across various sectors such as marketing departments at retail stores where consumers are more likely than not going through their shopping lists too quickly without thinking about how much money

How does gamification change psychology and behavior?

  • Rewards and incentives. If you’re trying to change someone’s behavior, rewards can be a great motivator. People tend to work harder for bigger rewards, so if you’re trying to get your employees or students to behave a certain way, offering them rewards will help get them on board.


  • Competition. Competition is another powerful tool in gamification that can be used as both an incentive and a reward itself especially when it comes from external sources (i.e., other people). For example, suppose two people are competing over who can lose weight most effectively through exercise or dieting. In that case, they both have something important at stake: winning the competition means achieving their goal faster than the other person!


  • Status. Another reason why we might engage in certain behaviors is that being recognized as having done something well helps us maintain our self-esteem—and since low self-esteem is related to poor health outcomes like depression and anxiety disorders, this game aspect could have some serious health benefits depending on how much status matters to each individual player…

We need to understand the psychology of gamification to be able to apply it effectively

Gamification is a process of adding game elements to non-game contexts to improve user engagement and motivation. For example, using a points system to encourage people to complete tasks or fill out surveys.

But gamification is more than just adding points and badges it’s about understanding the psychology behind why some people are motivated by games, while others aren’t. If you don’t understand the psychology behind it all, then your gamified system will fail to engage users and may even have negative consequences for them.


We hope this article has helped you understand the psychology of gamification. If you’re looking for more information, come to the Smartico website and ask for your demonstration. 

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