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How to optimize social media campaigns with gamification?​

How to optimize social media campaigns with gamification? - Smartico

​​Social media marketing can be a highly effective strategy if you’re looking to reach a large audience, deliver an engaging message, and increase brand awareness. Statistics show that social media content influences more than 70% of all purchasing decisions, so having a solid presence on these platforms can affect your bottom line.

For optimal results, you want to use tried-and-tested techniques that boost engagement among your social media audience. Gamification is one of those techniques, so the question is “how to optimize social media campaigns with gamification?”

Let’s look at some useful ideas.

Multiple rewards and incentives

The action-reward sequence is a key element of gamification, but only if you offer rewards and incentives that strongly appeal to your customer base. It’s important to create multiple types of rewards based on the different customer personas you’re targeting.

What type of rewards can you offer?

Research shows that there are 5 personas, each of which responds to different incentives:

– Those prefer social incentives like mentions or public recognition, like badges, points, or leaderboards.

– Those who prefer material incentives, like exchanging points for virtual or real goods.

– Those who prefer incentives that reinforce their status, like missions and levels.

– Those who prefer exclusive experiences.

– Those who prefer freebies.

Make sure your rewards are as personalized as possible and account for the most relevant persona types.

Play with the time element

Social media campaigns are time-bound, so make sure you transmit this message to your audience in a way that prompts them to take action. You can use gamification to encourage customers to act now by:

– Adding countdowns to your offer, create a sense of urgency.

– Offering special rewards to the first few customers who respond to your offer.

– Entering customers in an online contest for sharing your content or referring a friend via social media.

Use the right technology

Effective gamification requires a data-driven and sophisticated setup, backed up by the right technology. At Smartico we have 50+ years of combined experience in the tech and gaming industry, which we’ve used to create a platform that applies the principles of gamification to revolutionize digital marketing.

Our experts can set up the best social media gamification strategy for your vertical, using deep personalization to ensure optimal engagement along the entire customer journey. Smartico software puts gamification at the heart of the online experience, helping you delight your customer base and achieve tangible results.

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