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What are the features of Smartico Marketing gamification platform?

What are the features of Smartico Marketing gamification platform? - Smartico

The world of gaming is transforming and new software and products are taking over. Gamification has been constantly evolving and is a strategic attempt to enhance systems, services, organizations, and activities in order to create similar experiences to those experienced when playing games in order to motivate and engage users. 

Gamification software is a platform that involves the application of game elements such as freebies, points, badges, and other incentives to boost engagement. It also involves the use of game design mechanisms to non-game contexts and is designed to motivate participation, boost engagement and improve customer loyalty.

Smartico is one of the fast-rising gaming software AI which put together several technologies and tools to enhance the gaming sector and also improve usability. Apart from being one of the top rising gaming software, we also inject intelligence into your CRM to improve marketing and boost engagement.

Our platform has several unique features which help to engage players and build unity. This includes real-time marketing, personalized user journey, and appealing gamification.

Below are some of the unique features of our platform

Mission: our platform uses this to focus on improving users’ real-time experience by creating fun and engaging tasks to keep it interesting. 


Badges: Here we focus on offering users rewards depending on their achievement within the platform. For example, each badge provides extra spins for free or some bonus points. This was brought into the platform to motivate users to do better.


Points: With the introduction of points, we take care of the process of distributing incentives to users. We brought this feature to enable users to earn points and further unlock new stages and even new games. It results in users getting into more gameplay time and increasing user engagement. 


Leaderboards: Challenges won’t be complete if there is no competition. This is why we created the leaderboard feature which creates competitions on a regular basis. With this introduction, users get rewards depending on their participation in daily, weekly or monthly competitions. This feature according to statistics has significantly boosted the number of daily logins by users on business sites. 


Shop: Shop is another feature that was introduced to enable users to cash in their virtual reward points to buy digital as well as real-life goods—for example, free spins or vouchers for shopping sites like Amazon.

Smartico: continues to evolve and introduce new features to make the user experience more fun and interesting. This brings about our core mission and value which is to help our clients to embrace new opportunities, maximize user engagement and increase revenues.

We also set a pace to go beyond points, badges, and leaderboards. We achieve this by using all the mechanisms and strategies that make games exciting and addictive to sustainably drive employee engagement, learning, and performance.

Our platform has been changing the way marketing used to be done before. With the addition of our gamification software, businesses are shifting their focus from boosting more sales to boosting user experience and increasing engagement.


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