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In your Tournament, you are calling the shots.

Smartico’s industry-leading Tournament feature allows you to offer competition to your customers not only under the Gamification package but also as a standalone product.

“A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.”
– Ovid

The Smartico Tournament feature is designed in a way that the operator alone defines the Qualification Rules for winnings the competition.


Set the scoring logic for your competition.
Who will progress and who wins the Tournament?


Choose the segments, opt-in price and mode.
Who can participate in the Tournament?


Define Qualification Rules.
What should the player bet on, and how much?

Multiple Buy-In options

Registration to tournament can be in various ways including balance deduction, and manual approval by the operator.

Flexible Prize pool

Customize the prizes according to the interest of your players! Wide options for a higher success and motivation, give cash bonus in the players currency or even free spins, there are no limits!


Create one-time tournaments or hourly/daily/monthly tournaments. Schedule a-la-minute tournaments to start every 30 minutes and keep your players engaged in the competition.

Sophisticated scoring logic

It’s your tournament, you decide what are the winning rules. Score points by Win/Bet ratio, GGR, score for every bet etc.


Sports players are not interested in Casino tournaments, and VIP players shouldn’t enter cheap tournaments. Use segmentation to optimize the right tournaments for the right players. UEFA Champions League tournament to Football lovers, and Roulette tournament for the table games players.

...At your conditions

Define the rules for your competition, minimum bet, minimum odds, casino games participating, sport leagues participating and more.

Smartico tournaments is the tool you are missing to develop your brand community and build competition between your players.

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