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Inbox: Your Additional Communication Channel

Streamline your interactions with our Inbox feature, akin to Facebook notifications. This centralized hub allows users to effortlessly view and manage all notifications in one place, ensuring they stay informed and engaged with the latest updates on our platform. Enhance your user experience by keeping all essential communications easily accessible.

Inbox Communication Channel: Enhanced Engagement with CRM Automation

Our ‘Inbox communication channel’ integrates seamlessly with any CRM Automation flows. It allows for the dispatch of ‘simple’ inbox messages, which end-users can view within the Gamification widget.

Introducing the ‘Inbox Widget’ – Elevate Your User Interaction: This additional feature, once enabled in your setup, unlocks several advanced capabilities:

  • Send engaging notifications with rich content, supported by HTML.
  • Display notifications through a dedicated widget, separate from the Gamification widget.
  • Receive real-time updates on the count of unread messages for each user.

Please note, all setups include a default limit of 1 million notification messages per month.

For further customization and details, we encourage you to reach out to your account manager.

Revamped Inbox
We’ve entirely redesigned our Inbox feature. This update offers a more intuitive and enjoyable experience when navigating messages, staying updated with notifications, and effortlessly managing your communications.
Rich text inbox
New Improvements:
  • CTA Buttons – we’ve introduced two new call-to-action (CTA) buttons for messages with rich content, which are also visible within the notifications. They can be configured through the BO, allowing operators to include deep links in both primary and secondary message buttons.
  • All tab and Favorite tab – offer distinct and clear separation between all your messages and those designated as favorites.
  • Show unread toggle – with the new switch, you can effortlessly view all unread messages in both the All and Favorites tabs.
  • Enhanced expand mode for messages – Regardless of rich content, all messages can now be expanded for improved readability and clarity
Inbox 2
  • Back-to-top button – Our latest update includes a back-to-top button for seamless navigation back to the top of the page with a single click after scrolling down.
  • Load more button – for a better user experience we have added the Load more button. After the 20th message, click the ‘Load More’ button to reveal additional messages.
  • Empty inbox animation – we have added an animation for the cases where you don’t have any messages in the inbox.
  • The stand-alone mode was also revamped
Inbox 3

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