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Multi-Brand Campaign Management

All for one. One for all.

Have you ever wondered what your customers are doing when they visit your web site?

Gaming operators that manage multiple brands understand that each brand has a life of its own.

Each brand has its own customers, its own VIPs, their own sweet spot and managing multiple campaigns on multiple brands can be hard work.
Until now that is….

Smartico’s far reaching multi-brand capabilities feature Label Tags (dynamic placeholders) that allow an operator to easily manage multiple customized campaigns for hundreds of brands from one single campaign interface.

Multi-brand management as a concept is not new to our industry, however despite what you may be promised, you can still find yourself working overtime to effectively manage multiple campaigns simultaneously, especially if you manage a large number of brands.

Which brand gets which discount?

What player attributes affect the bonus amount?

Which real time triggers on which brand kicks the bonus into play?

Is it not time software worked for you and not the other way around?

Smartico has developed the gaming industry’s most advanced multi-brand management software.
Advanced UI tools let you easily set up, operate and monitor all your marketing and CRM brand campaigns under one roof.

Save time, money and create effective customized strategies for each of your brands. 

Smartico’s multibrand capabilities feature dynamic placeholders (Label Tags), of which an operator can insert as many they like into a campaign.

For example, “bonus description” when inserted into an email template for 100 brands could represent a different value according to operator requirements. ‘A’ Brands may see “100% on €200 on your first deposit”, while ‘B’ Brands receive 50 spins on your first deposit and ‘C” Brands receive something else.

At the same time Brand Tags can be adjusted in the context of the campaign based on specific conditions met by the player, ie. Canadian players see “100% on $200 on your first deposit” only in the context of the campaign and no change has been made to the placeholder at Label level.

Think it’s about time you started using Smartico to manage your multi-brand campaigns?

Business Tip:
For more information about how Smartico uses Label Tags in the Multi-Brand solution check “How to smartly use the Smartico Label Tags


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