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How to smartly use the Smartico Label Tags

Smartico Business Tip: Learn how to optimize 100 email versions of a promotion into 1 very smart template

Our marketing resources can be utilized in many ways and have the possibility to change the data that will be exported using mapping rules and values. To create these values, go to Label Tags and add as many tags as you need.

Tags can support html snippets, image URLs and free text.
You can set the “Offer” and the “Content” for the mapping purposes, and decide how you want to display the Promotional mailer for example to the different segments of your users.

Let’s take for example a Welcome Mailer that is built for several brands, with only 1 template.

First we will map all of the possibilities that we should have and the wide variation of the different promotion versions.

In many platforms this type of promotion would require you to create several templates, each for the different currencies or countries supported, where each country users receive a different amount of bonus, and every VIP level would have a different welcome text, or specific Level from specific country.

With Smartico Multi-Brand solution and tags, this is a very simple and classic case requiring only one template.

We can start by creating the tags for the logo of each brand. The tag in this case will be a URL pointing to the image, as seen in the screenshot below.

Then we can start with the Welcome Text each brand will present in the email.

The text can also be segmented by any condition, language or property in the system.

We can continue with the tags for the Bonus Percentage. We can call the tag {{bonus_line_percentage}}
Each brand has its own Welcome Bonus percentage. SlotsDelight has 200% and SpaceX has 400%.

You can of course create sub conditions where users from specific country will receive a different percentage.
For the purpose of this post we will keep it simple.

Next, we will create a tag for the Bonus Amount. We will call it {{bonus_line_amount}}
Just like in the mapping file, each locale (country and currency) has a different maximum bonus amount offered with this promotion.

In this case both brands offer the same amounts.
The amounts can be of course segmented by the brand and present different offers. Please notice we left a default option for 100 EUR with no country specification – this will work for countries other than the ones specified in the tags.

We will set a tag for the Bonus Text, which will describe the bonus (i.e. Have you got what it takes to keep up and stack up your riches? Make your first deposit now etc)
We will call this tag {{bonus_description}}

In the image above we used text that will help you recognize and understand the target audience of each of the variations. One of the variations is an example of the bonus text not only segmented by the VIP of the user but also his country!

When we are done planning all versions and creating the label tags, we can go ahead and prepare the email template with Smartico Email editor.

Create a new email based on a template.
Notice you can also create a generic template that will be used for all your emails, or some promotional emails that will be based on the same layout, and simply change the placeholders according to the promotion context.

1. Brand logo/name will be replaced for each brand. It can be a URL or text with brand name

2. This is a user state tag, which takes user profile properties, such as name, balances, games played, birthday etc

3. The text will be replaced by the Welcome text of your choice according to the brand/vip etc

4. The description of the bonus will be replaced

5. The bonus percentage will be replaced according to the brand/level/country or any condition of your choice

6. The bonus amount will be replaced based on the currency/ country or any other condition you choose to limit or expand the bonus amount

7. The bonus code will change based on the audience and the bonus coupon you want them to receive

8. Terms and conditions can be also set up based on the audience, for VIP players you can have a different set of t&c, or for different regulations (UKGC/MGA/AAMS etc)

Testing your Email

From the email editor you can test your emails and preview the predicted results for any of the segments and conditions you configured for the label tags.

Click on the “Preview Config” choose the conditions you want to preview by, and click on Preview button.

Sit back, relax and just watch how optimization is happening all by itself.

Lets preview the configuration of the first and second version for users coming from country=AU:

Brand nameSlotsDelight
Is player VIP?No
Bonus DescriptionAs you are on your way to become a vip player but not quite there yet, let us offer you this nice bonus.
Bonus line (2 tags)200% up to au$200
Welcome textHowdy and welcome aboard to SlotsDelight, this is all you can play on slots, simply a delight!
Bonus codeWELCOME1

Notice the changes of the brand name and the text according to the different level, the bonus offer has also changed and the coupon code matches the user which is a VIP.

Brand nameSpaceX
Is player VIP?Yes
Bonus DescriptionWe take good care of our VIP players from all countries, and we would like to offer you this extremely hot new bonus!
Bonus line (2 tags)400% up to au$200
Welcome textWelcome to SpaceX, the best online casino in the galaxy, so don’t be shy and be ready for a space-like experience!

Let’s test the configuration for the email for users;
Is VIP + Brand SpaceX + From Finland
Since users from Finland will have a unique text in the Bonus Description tag.

Brand nameSpaceX
Is player VIP?Yes
Bonus DescriptionTry out this special bonus for all of our VIP players from Finland !This is an extremely hot deal just for you…
Bonus line (2 tags)400% up to 150 EUR
Welcome textWelcome to SpaceX, the best online casino in the galaxy, so don’t be shy and be ready for a space-like experience!


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