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The Smartico Marketplace

Turn your points into real rewards free bets vouchers cash free spins gifts

Smartico’s in-widget Marketplace allows your users the opportunity to actualize the points earned during the Gamification engagement and convert them into real rewards.

“Don’t worry about giving the right bonus to your user. Allow them to choose the right one for themselves.”

S.Kobitskiy, CEO

Bonus API integration

Sell your own product as an in-app reward, using Cash Bonuses, Free Spins, Free Bonuses, Deposit Match Bonuses and more using Bonus API integration.

Our extensive protection mechanism allows you to control the bonus consumption of players.

Tangible items

Users can claim an iPhone, clothing, vacuum cleaner and more in exchange for their points in the Marketplace.

Once the user redeems their item, the operator will be notified via different channels (such as Slack or email) with all the necessary information to proceed with the purchase.

Categorize and Prioritize

Create different categories for users to easily find their way through the Marketplace. This way, you can prioritise where to place the items in order of what they are least and most interested in.

Stock limitation

Control your stock and limit the number of purchases players can make within a defined period of time.

This allows you to monitor the number of bonuses redeemed from the Marketplace on daily basis, or limit a purchase of iPhone to once per year…

Protect your items!

Who should see and who can purchase is fully customizable
by Smarticos’ flexible audience segmentation.

Smartico Marketplace enables users to interact with your brand, while also giving them the opportunity to redeem their earned points and convert them into real rewards.

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