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Gamification Map

Get a 360 view on your Gamification setup.

If not handled properly with care, devotion and attention, missions and levels can become a liability.
Smartico offers you a bird view on the logic and statistics of your Gamification flow and allows you to easily examine the correct dependency of missions-levels.

Configuring Gamification for your brand requires patience.
And as patient as you might be, you can easily get lost when reaching 50 or 100 missions without having a good visual on the actual flow.

Get a glimpse on your mission performance

Hover the mission to name to have a basic analysis of the mission in the context of the setup, compared to other missions


Complexity is showing how much time it takes to complete mission comparing to the maximum time among other missions. For example, if you have 2 missions and for mission A median time to complete is 10 hours and for mission B median time to complete is 2 hours. The complexity for the 1st one will be 100% and for 2nd - 20%

Coverage depth

Reflection of the number of users that completed a mission comparing to the most popular mission. Taking example of A & B missions with 100 users completed A and 30 completed B. The coverage depth for A will be 100% and for B - 30%.

1 Point value

The value of one point in the hours that users spent to earn it The relative value of one point comparing to other missions. When this value is below 100%, it means that a mission is not giving enough points compared to other. When above 100%, it means that a mission is giving too many.

How else will you know..?

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