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10 Best Customer Data Platform Software for 2023

10 best customer data platform software in 2023 -

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1) is a gamification and loyalty platform that helps companies drive customer engagement and increase revenue by providing the infrastructure for companies to build complex loyalty programs. We also boost gamification with comprehensive omnichannel CRM automation campaigns that support real-time engagements.


Let Smartico inject intelligence into your CRM. Boost engagement and maximize customer value with our personalized marketing and gamification solution. Built especially for the iGaming industry.


We build personalized journeys for each customer, based on triggers such as new odds and game launches.


Our gamification solution offers challenges and gaming techniques to motivate players toward consistent participation and long-term engagement.


Real-Time Marketing Smartico’s marketing software works in real-time to establish trends, utilize this for an optimal player experience and boost player value, enhance engagement and drive user acquisition. This all happens behind the scenes, so you can sit back, relax and let the tech do the rest.


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2) Bloomreach Engagement


Bloomreach Engagement CDXP lets you collect, store, and secure your data while using extensive analytics capabilities to gain deep customer insights. This allows you to better understand your customers’ behavior, which facilitates more effective segmentation in various campaign scenarios.


3) Segment


Segment provides the data foundation you need to transform your business into a customer-centric brand. Collect and use customer data in real-time, across multiple touchpoints, so that you can make decisions based on what your customers want. Segment also allows you to create a data toolkit for all your teams in one intuitive platform. 


Marketers get a single view of customers and engage with real-time audiences. Product development teams can access data for a better understanding of what customers need. Engineering teams can deploy custom functions and integrate tools across any platform.


4) Oracle CX Marketing


Oracle CX Marketing is a cloud-based customer data platform that enables you to deliver a personalized experience through your marketing campaigns. Its integration capabilities also help you conduct A/B testing and launch cross-channel marketing campaigns. Oracle CX Marketing provides you with the insights to engage, convert and nurture customer relationships. It provides personalized solutions for both B2B marketing and B2C marketing.


5) Emarsys


Emarsys is a customer engagement and customer data platform that helps businesses streamline data across all platforms to enhance their business. It’s suitable for various industries, such as e-commerce, retail, and travel. The platform comes with features like multichannel campaign management, personalization, segmentation, and dashboards. You get pre-designed use cases based on different business objectives and industry-oriented analytics.


6) Exponea


Exponea is a new kind of CDP and CDXP that combines data from all your offline and online sources to help you create personalized marketing campaigns. The tool tracks multiple patterns in customer behavior, and it uses AI to predict what they might want next. You also get real-time analytics for understanding and escalating their experiences.


7) Hull


Hull CDP is a single place to keep all your customer-facing teams in sync and consolidate data from different sources. Hull does away with time-consuming API integrations and disparate tools that make data synchronization slow and inefficient. With Hull CDP, you can integrate marketing data, customer support information, and CRM data into one user profile for consistent representation at any point in the customer journey.


8) Lemnisk


To drive growth, increase your conversion and retention rates using an intuitive customer journey builder. Improve customer experiences on all channels, both online and offline, through insights gained from its proprietary machine learning engine. Lemnisk is focused on the banking, financial services, and insurance sector but has ample features for enterprises in other industries as well.


9) Squeezely


With Squeezely CDP, you can collect, convert, and capitalize data to drive personalization at scale. It brings all your customer information in one place and synchronizes all your channels for cross-media marketing campaigns. It also makes your marketing strategy an advantage by enabling you to create a customer database online and track customer behavior and activities. This is a great complement to CRM tools used in comprehensive market research.


10) FirstHive


FirstHive is one of the first CDPs to use machine learning, and its results have been positive concerning marketing metrics. It lets you manage your customer data while maintaining compliance with privacy regulations by using algorithms to build unified customer identities from data gathered from multiple sources; deep learning capabilities can gather data even from unstructured sources and generate deep insights from predictive analytics.


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