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Screen Recording on Demand

Have you ever wondered what your customers are doing when they visit your web site?

Here at Smarico, we have always been curious and so we tried out various different site recording tools available on the market. Some of them were pretty decent but they all lacked one crucial feature. They did not provide the exact context of the recordings and it was difficult to find those key moments that we had recorded and then analyze for learnings.

So what did we do?

We decided to develop our own technology that is fully-integrated with our Flow Manager marketing module. 
The operator can start recording at any point in the flow and complete the recording when the specific event or time has ended.
All recordings are linked to the user as well as to the campaign, making it very easy to find exactly what you’re looking for using the Campaign management interface or User Profile screen.
You have the ability to playback and watch your user’s clicks, taps and mouse movements, identifying if the user experience is exactly as you wanted it to be, allowing you to identify usability issues in real time.

Armed with this crucial information, you will be able to modify your UI and UX, ensuring you remove any blocks and maximise player engagement.


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