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Real Time Sports Betting Notifications

The world of personalized customer journeys and real time engagement is a perfect accompaniment to fast paced Sports Betting, where customers respond to the rhythm of external events and engagement is high when timing meets relevance.

Smartico’s Real Time Marketing and Personalization modules combine to create a unique and sophisticated suite of tools to boost sports betting engagement and maximize revenues for online sportsbook brands in a highly competitive market.

Smartico enables you to track scheduled or real-time SMS campaigns set up to notify players of events like their favorite football team is about to kick off.

What could be more relevant for a Liverpool fan than a personalized free bet reminder one hour before kick-off of a Champions League match?

Use personalized placeholders one time for all game reminders on all sport types, and Smartico will do the rest for you

Smartico’s real time event based targeting actively engages your customers. It’s powerful personalization engine lets you target fans of certain teams hours before kickoff with relevant and incentivized messaging through an array of channels.

Where’s that data coming from? Smartico’s super smart AI engine analyzes past player activity to identify the most relevant times and most attractive offers to engage with customers.

As the industry grows through wider legalization, Sports Betting is becoming perhaps the most competitive arena for iGaming brands. Smartico gives you a winning edge any team would be proud of.


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