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Updated on January 19, 2023

The Leading Gamification Trends Of 2023


Even though gamification has been around for a while, it’s been gaining quite a lot of steam in recent years. With activity and retention rates going down as a consequence of our ever-fleeting attention spans (thank you, modern technology), gamification comes as a knight in shining armor. The question is, how will it continue to change to fit the ever-growing needs of businesses worldwide? 

In this article, we’ll be exploring the most prevalent gamification trends that are currently shaking various industries. Being aware of these trends will help you better adapt your strategy so you can apply gamification to your business or classroom with maximum efficiency. 

But before we go ahead with the juicy stuff, let us first state what the concept stands for.

Gamification Defined

Gamification is the application of game mechanics to traditionally non-gaming environments. It uses fun missions and challenges, point collection, and the chance to earn rewards based on skills and development to engage and motivate people, learn with joy and return for more.

A real-world example of gamification is the return of flyer programs offered by airline companies. This technique motivates people to keep flying with the same company to become eligible for special savings rewards and other goodies. 

Gamification comes with a plethora of exciting tools that keep people engaged with your website or application and attract new customers to your business.

By injecting game elements into your business, you can interact with your customers much more efficiently, which in turn will open the doors to future investment from them. 

Similarly to traditional video games, gamified apps come with rules, tasks, and rewards carefully designed to keep the user immersed and excited about interacting with your product or service.

7 Gamification Trends That Will Keep Transforming 2023 And The Years Beyond

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the seven most exciting trends that are currently shaking up the educational and business landscapes.

1. The World Will Continue To See An Increasing Demand For Gamified Systems

The global gamification market is forecast to increase from $9.1 billion in 2020 to $30.7 billion by 2025, at an astounding annual increase rate of 27.4%. The biggest share of the gamification market pie for the next few years will continue going to North America, which is mainly driven by its massive mobile device user base. 

Meanwhile, the European gamification market will also keep growing with immense speed, with local government support and key stakeholders doing their part to boost its growth. And while Europe and North America will keep being the biggest beneficiaries, some other world regions, like Asia and South America, are not falling far behind. 

2. Sales Will Keep Benefiting From Gamification

Sales-based gamification is mainly focused on motivating salespeople to reach individual or team sales goals by using points, badges, leaderboards, and other endorphin-inducing systems. This approach, however, also has its uses in learning, either for customers or salespeople. 

For example, pharmaceutical giant Galderma gamified its sales team training program for new products. And even though the training was voluntary, nearly all employees participated. 

In the realm of client training, Extraco bank (US) gamified client learning for benefits and special offerings. This boosted conversion rates from 2% to 4%, and the bank’s customer acquisition exploded by 700%

Hence, it’s no surprise that more than 70% of Forbes Global 2000 brands use gamification. Furthermore, gamification can foster a better workplace environment: a Spinify survey from 2020 showed that 88% of workers were more satisfied with their job after the concept was introduced to them. 

3. Human-Centered Design Will Find Great Use For Gamification

According to studies, there is a growing importance of human-centered design to help today’s workers perform to the best of their abilities. Similarly, managers who show more empathy are one of the main reasons for 92% of workers keep working for the same company. 

Hence, worker feedback is one of the driving forces behind the design of gamification strategies, and businesses are aligning larger organizational objectives with the values of their employees. 

4. Gamification And Artificial Intelligence (AI) Will Work Hand-In-Hand

The AI market is projected to increase in value by $190bn by the year 2025. Today, more than 80% of leaders are of the mind that Artificial Intelligence is a key priority for their businesses. 

Also, a growing number of businesses are already combining gamification and AI, giving their marketing strategies a significant boost. For example, P&G used AI and gamification to recruit employees. AI was applied to assessment tests to generate applicant-centered experiences, and exams were adjusted in response to the applicant’s level of performance.

Projections were exceeded by a 300% rise in positive candidate outcomes. 

Gamified solutions coupled with AI systems are also helping companies create more solid onboarding training programs. Real-time AI engines can also provide insights and recommendations driven by precious data. 

Then, learners are provided with personalized learning modules in tune with their preferences at all stages of their program. 

AI is also becoming increasingly more involved in the creation and distribution of training materials, which saves time so professionals can focus on the things that matter most. 

In summary, the gamification/AI team will only grow in strength and efficiency, and as technology advances, the benefits will increase exponentially.

5. Large Enterprises Will Dominate the Business Sector

According to a Gartner study, more than 70% of businesses in the Global 2000 list of companies have adopted gamification. The trend is projected to grow further as more businesses gamify their methods of operation.

Big businesses are also forecast to hold the largest market share, many of which have been incorporating the solution for many years. In addition, they are more likely to invest in more innovative gamification methods and techniques. Giants like Google, IBM, and Oracle are helping push this trend to a great extent. 

Meanwhile, smaller businesses will also use gamification in their recruitment and sales activities due to the ever-growing competition in the space of SMEs. Social media will also be a major player here.

6. Gamification Will Find Even More Success In Social Media And Mobile Applications

A new challenge has been presented to small businesses by younger generations entering the workforce. Nowadays, it isn’t as easy to keep new entrants engaged, and according to a Gallup survey, around 70% of millennials find it difficult to stay engaged at their job. 

To combat this issue, small businesses are using gamification in conjunction with social media and mobile apps. Furthermore, small businesses are returning to using the ‘bring your own device’ practice, which perfectly matches gamification techniques such as point systems, rewards, and leaderboards to mobile applications. 

7. Gamification Will Become More Personalized

For many years, businesses of all types have been personalizing their customer experiences to drive engagement, loyalty, and revenue. The system has been working like a charm, and that is why it has also attracted gamification practitioners. 

Not long ago, business owners and marketers relied on a single systematic gamified approach to get results in every situation, and back then, it worked as the concept was still fresh. 

Today, however, personalization is key when it comes to gamification. Industry leaders worldwide understand the importance of creating personalized gamified experiences as the race to customer engagement keeps becoming more competitive. And this is one trend we can be sure will be evermore present in the years to come. — A One-Stop Gamification Solution

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  • Minigames – Players can reset their senses through short, award-earning games.
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And that’s just a small sample of what’s on offer. Smartico can help your business grow exponentially by supplying the solutions needed to bring the motivation in your company to a whole new level. 

Final Words

Judging by these trends, we will see a big rise in gamification use across various learning and business sectors. As gamification techniques become more sophisticated, the world will see a massive increase in their use, and big businesses will keep innovating techniques to achieve better results. Meanwhile, small businesses will also be joining the fun, taking advantage of social media and other means of advancement. 

Also, gamification will still be a big player in the workplace to boost worker engagement and drive the sales process. The rest remains to be seen. 

No matter what kind of Gamification solutions you’re interested in, can help you meet your short and long-term goals. To start building a more successful business through gamification, join the winners club and book your free demo today at: 

The team wishes you the best of luck on your journey forward!


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