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Engagements Frequency Cap

Control your engagement.

One of the most common complaints from customers today is that of message spamming – whether from spam sources or simply the over-sending of messaging from genuine sources. If you are over-communicating with your audience, you may well be turning them off and your messaging just won’t cut through.

With our Engagements Frequency Cap solution, you will avoid flooding users with multiple messages. Just specify an message upper limit for a set time period and the Smartico system will ensure your users are not bombarded with messages.

Cannibalisation Flow

Our Flow Manager is designed to handle Cannibalisation Flow, so that you can plan ahead and use alternative communication channels if one fails.

Label Caps Configurations

Label Level Caps are highly useful as General “Protection” settings, they give you a fully-automated system for designing Scheduled campaigns with mass sendouts. These can be re-configured to match your audience sizes, giving you the ultimate flexibility with 100% gauranteed protection from human error.


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