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Collecting your Push Subscribers

Catch ‘em when they’re happy

There are many different approaches to engaging your customers by push notifications, and there is no right or wrong. The one million dollar question is when to engage.

Sending the right push message at the right time is not a big mystery, if you send an offer valid for the weekend on a Monday morning, you already know the campaign is doomed, the real art is to know how to collect your audience and build a database of users that will want to see your push notifications.

In the example above you will most probably lose some of them for sending them irrelevant information at the wrong time.

Catching them when they are most happy would be a great approach for collecting those “prayed for” push subscribers.

You know best when your users are happy, but some of the most common scenarios are right under your nose.

At Smartico we find that the best way to collect subscribers is when they request a cash out, what better way to engage them than asking if they want to get notification regarding their withdrawal process?

Does it Work?

We found conversion from such a campaign can climb up to 65%!

In a small operation where 298 unique users requested a cash out from the beginning of 2020 (actually this campaign was created in April 2020), 196 users opted in to receive Push Notifications.

Notify them when they need to send in their KYC, or when their withdrawal was transferred to the Finance department waiting for the last approval, and let them know when it was actually processed, live up to your promise!

Keep engagement on a high performance with these users on their next pending withdrawals and notify them about any cashout they might have through other campaigns, and remember they are now in your arsenal of subscribers and you can target them in your next promotional campaigns through Push Notifications!

There are many ways to collect Push Subscribers, but the best ways are always the most obvious ones!

Smartico CEO, Sergey Kobitsky always say: “If you want your users to opt-in for pushes, don’t push them to it!”


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