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At Smartico.ai we are always looking for ways to maximize opportunities with new talent. If you are looking for a chance to have a say, choose the technologies you work with, make an immediate, meaningful impact, have your experience valued, do not hesitate to appl

Why you'll love it here

We’re building teams of inspired, smart and self driven individuals from all sorts of backgrounds. With countless opportunities for growth and mentorship, we strive to help each employee carve out the path that’s right for them.

Values in action

Our core values shape all we do at Smartico.ai, helping us tackle challenges, take risks, get creative, and work smarter and better as a team.​

Ownership & Responsibility

We value building strong teams, giving them context, and empowering them to be successful.


We value a heartfelt, deep, and authentic excitement about the work necessary to achieve our vision.

Trust & Fearlessness

We value an atmosphere of mutual respect and trust each other to keep things simple and do the right thing.


We value being honest in how we communicate and how we make decisions.


We value sharing almost everything internally and welcome inspection as a way to improve.

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