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Streamline and Boost your Customer Service with Automated Voice Response

Who’s the main beneficiary of Smarico’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system? Is it the understaffed Casino /Sportsbook Customer Service department, inundated with enquiries, or is it frustrated and angry VIP customers left hanging, with no response. The answer: they both are. has integrated IVR into its communication channels, interactively prompting caller options and directing the caller accordingly, allowing operators to direct their callers toward a resolution and improving service and efficiency.

Our industry-leading, customer-centric IVR system is designed to streamline customer service efficiency, while keeping customer satisfaction top of mind. When part of your solution, it means: faster call resolutions, personalized solutions and consistency across all channels.

How Does it Work?

Our IVR system enables your customers to pick options using their phone keypad, starting from their preferred language to the service required. 

This not only makes it easier to direct the customers to the right areas, but it also helps organize your customer service agents in various areas or departments and serve your customers in various languages.

With the automated voice prompts handling incoming calls, it also frees up agents to handle incoming requests.

Increased Call Centre Efficiency

The system quickly routes the customer calls to the best suited agent for a quick resolution.

Increased customer satisfaction

Smartico’s IVR solicitously organised menu minimises transfers, hence quick solutions and increased satisfaction.


Operators can prioritize important callers or urgent matters at the front of the queue without other callers being made aware.

Conduct customer service surveys

Operators can add the option of a customer service survey at the end of each call.

Messaging updates

Update customers with important news on the fly. Any caller gets the message before being transferred to an open agent. 

Call deflection

Operators can encourage customers to use alternative customer service alternatives, (such as Live Chats), to reduce call volume.

Callback requests

Let your customer to maintain their position in the queue but not to stay in line.


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